Your Inner Goddess: 9 Ideas to Set Her Free

Mindfulness, witchcraft and how to manifest your will.

Awaken the sleeping force of nature that is your inner goddess.

Deep beneath the surface of every day life, she is calling you.

Here are a few steps you can take to tap into her power.

Recognize your inherent beauty.

Let’s be honest.

In a world that defines beauty with extraordinarily narrow parameters, the assertion that everyone is beautiful sometimes sounds like nonsense.

But ironically, the idea that only one kind of beauty (very young, symmetrical and sometimes, frighteningly thin) appeals to everyone actually comprises most of the nonsense notions we have about the word beauty.

Although psychologists and evolutionary biologists continue to argue about the myth of universal beauty,  you need only your own common experience to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We all know at least one family member or friend who finds someone with unconventional looks attractive.

In France, older women are sexy.

Some tribes in Africa consider chubby women ultra hot.

And personally, I think vitiligio (Google image it) is one of the most beautiful anomalies in human genetics.  

So try this exercise.

Write down everything about physical yourself you think you hate.  Be brutally honest.  

Then, re-write it.  Translate it each characteristic into the words of someone who actually thinks your features are uniquely beautiful.

Your thighs aren’t chunky.  They are voluptuous.

The wayward nose your grandmother gave you isn’t crooked.  It’s the imprint of your ancestors passed down a thousand generations.  What’s more beautiful than that?

The scars or birthmarks or freckles you spend so much time trying to cover up?   When you see a cheetah with a unique fur pattern, you don’t say, “Well, there goes the freak.”  You say, “Look at that one with the beautiful markings.  Isn’t she lovely?”

When it comes to standardized definitions of beauty, choose to reject them radically.


Nothing sparks the fire of your inner goddess like the freedom of dance.

Dance as often and as long as you need to to cast off the chains of inhibition.

Discover the spiritual side of dance and liberate your diva spirit..

Use dance to raise power, strengthen your body and break free from mental blocks.

Dance alone, dance with others.  Take a dance class or just blast your favorite song in your bedroom and dance like you’re 16 and no one is watching.

Connect with your dreams.

Your subconscious mind is the voice of your inner goddess.

Connect with that voice by learning to pay careful attention to the messages hidden in your dream world.

It’s easy to begin a dream work practice.

Start simple by committing to write down your dreams every month for a full moon cycle.

The longer you practice this, the more in tune you become to the world within.

After a month or two, you start to see patterns and repeating motifs.  Take the time to consider what they mean to you and what role they play in your waking life.

Heal yourself.

Self-healing empowers the spirit and body.

The first step?  Identifying what in your life feels off balance.

Maybe you need to de-clutter and heal from a life of consumerism.

Or perhaps you are trying to heal your heart from a toxic relationship.

Some people find healing in ritual.  Some people find it in the armchair of a therapist’s office.

Define self-healing according to your beliefs and your needs.

Whether that means advocating for yourself in the health care system, or taking the deep dive at an ayahuasca retreat, discover what finding balance and vitality looks like in your life.


Start a meditation practice today.

It’s absolutely free, and no one can ever take it away from you.  Not even if you’re in prison!

Tonight, before you fall asleep, take ten minutes to focus on your breathing.

Scan your body up and down, seeking out areas of tension and letting them relax completely.

Have trouble staying focused?  Check out Michael Sealey’s guided meditation channel on Youtube.

If you’re new to meditation, give it a couple of months of regular practice and watch it transform your life.

Give back.

Nothing expands your power like giving to those in need.

Start small, start big, start anywhere.

Ask an overwhelmed mom at the grocery store if you can help her carry her things to the car, pay for the guy behind you in line at the drive through or volunteer to help at a women’s shelter.

The more you give, the more you want to give, and the less you care about material possessions or worldly acquisition.

It’s amazing.

Drop your baggage.

We all feel the weight of emotional baggage.

And I don’t want to trivialize what sometimes amounts to a long journey.

But the bigger your load, the more important it is to take tangible steps to let it go.

Try this.

Write a letter to someone who hurt you deeply.  Pour yourself completely into the task.  Spare no detail.  

Leave it somewhere for a few days and add to it whenever you think of another thought or feeling about that person.

Then, find a fire safe bowl.  Fold a little dried sage or rosemary inside the paper, put it in the fire safe bowl, take it outside under the moon and set that bad boy on fire.  

Watch it go up in smoke.

Nourish your body.  Nourish your soul.

Diet taken a turn for the worse lately?

And by “turn for the worse,” I mean a turn into the KFC drive through the morning after a night of drinking at the boite de nuit?

Yeah.  It’s okay.  We’ve all been there, girl.

But instead of looking at the food (and whatever else) you consume as something to be controlled or restricted, liberate yourself.

The real indulgence is in food that nourishes your body and brings it into balance.

Fruit feeds the soul.  Water washes away old energy.  Herbs bring the body into balance.

Learn to work in tune with your own rhythms and discover the peace and tranquility that comes with treating your body like the temple it is.

Expose yourself . . . to the elements.

Literally everyone needs to detox from the screen.  Everyone.  Even your dog needs to chill out on all those cat video Youtube binges.

And I’m saying that as someone who makes a living counting on people to connect with me through a screen.

Get outside.  Go on a nature walk at least once a week.

In any weather.

Believe it or not, the more extreme the conditions (cold, raining, ect), the more refreshing it is.

Return home and feel the pulse your inner goddess coursing through your veins.

Your inner goddess is sleeping. Awaken her from her slumber with these ideas to nourish your body, soul and mind.

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  1. I adore your first suggestion, especially in light of the current body positivity movement. I also really like vitiligo; it creates the most beautiful patterning, just like some of the most beautiful animals in nature. Thanks for sharing!

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