9 Ways to Use Malachite in Witchcraft

9 Ways to Use Malachite in Witchcraft

Got a piece of malachite?  Make the most of its cheerful, mood-brightening nature and learn to use it in your spell craft.

This vibrant green gemstone pulses with radiant energy.  Its earthy, deeply saturated color attracts positivity, luck and open-heartedness.

Learn how to include it in baby blessing rituals, break through emotional barriers and enchant your adventures.

Money spells.

Tackling debt?  Trying to learn to live within your means?

Add this stone to your altar when dealing with challenging financial matters.

Its uniquely saturated green color symbolizes fertile ground for growth in business and money.

Perfect when you need a boost in your revenue or to overcome the temptation to overspend.

Open your Heart Chakra.

Place a piece of malachite on your heart chakra to open emotional blockages and clear away defensive energy.

Particularly if you feel closed down after a difficult confrontation, this stone helps make you feel protected without feeling cut off or emotionally paralyzed.

Simply lie down, put the malachite on your breastbone, close your eyes, and imagine a sense of healing draining from the stone into the center of your chest.

Beauty spells.

The Egyptians used crushed malachite to make eye makeup.

It was considered sacred to Hathor, the goddess of beauty and women, whom the Egyptians sometimes referred to as “Lady of Malachite.”

Place a piece of this stone on your vanity or in your makeup bag to bring out your natural beauty and femininity.

As a protection charm.

Carry malachite to protect from negative energy.

Especially when dealing with an unavoidable toxic person, this stone deflects bad vibes and keeps you calm even when someone tries to stir you up.

Wear it in a piece of jewelry or include it in a spell bag for positivity.

The traveler’s stone.

Enchant your adventures with this lovely little semi-precious companion.

Sometimes referred to as “the traveler’s stone,” malachite makes an ideal addition to travel altar or travel spell bag.

Or, put it in the console compartment of your car.

To connect with the Element of Earth.

If you identify as an earth sign or just want to connect more deeply with earth, this stone is sacred to that element.

Use it when calling the quarters during circle casting as a place holder for the North corner or to represent Earth.

Garden spells and blessings.

Bury this stone in your magical garden to bless spring planting.

(I like to put it near the roots of a new herb I’m just learning to work with or grow).

Or, place it on the Imbolc altar with seeds you want to plant in coming months to charge them with the energy of renewal and vibrancy.

Ground and center.

After ritual, hold a piece of malachite to ground and center.

Stand in the center of your sacred circle with the stone firmly pressed between both palms.

Then, imagine roots are shooting down into the earth from your feet like the roots of a tree.  Visualize them going far down into the earth, connecting you deeply with the ground you stand on.

Baby blessings.

Malachite traditionally protects children and is sometimes attached to the cradle for this purpose.

Use it in baby blessings.

Or, delight your guests and include it in a magical “party favor” bag for ritual baby blessings.

How to use malachite in witchcraft.

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  1. Hi! I love your blog, I am just beginning witchcraft and probably will not be doing spells for a while, but I still, really enjoy your posts. every time I need to learn something about witchcraft I come to your blog! You have made my life so much easier as a beginner witch. lots of love, Izzy

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