Your Travel Altar: 10 Ideas to Make Magic Portable

A travel altar makes use of lighter, portable ritual items for convenient use on the go.

With the biggest travel day of the year coming up, putting together a travel altar is a fun, rewarding project.

Add the sparkle of a little magic to your trip a pick a few items off this list to take with you.

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1.  Pick a fun container for your travel altar.

If you haven’t come out of the broom closet yet, there’s lots of options to keep your ritual tools discreetly out of view.  A simple drawstring bag works.

Or, be creative!  I love this adorable Ouija Board mint box, which stores my travel altar items perfectly.  (Also, the mints aren’t bad).

Ouija mint box for travel altar.

2.  Pack tea lights.

If you like the atmosphere candles create, tea lights offer some advantage for travel over their more cumbersome counterparts.

They’re lightweight.  Unlike stick versions, they don’t need candle holders.  And they contain their own drippings, so they’re neater and less likely to get wax on the heirloom dresser in your grandmother’s guest room.

3.  Bring a mini tarot deck.

Nothing breaks the ice with people you only see once or twice a year like an impromptu tarot reading.

Many tarot decks come in smaller versions for convenience during travel.

Check out the graceful art of the Tarot Art Nouveau Mini for a lovely, compact deck to delight your friends and family during the holidays or on vacation.

Art Nouveau mini tarot deck for travel altars.

4.  Make a dream pillow for your trip.

Do you toss and turn when you’re away from your own bed?

Fill a drawstring bag with lavender or chamomile herbs to help you sleep peacefully.

Or, get super crafty and try these heat activated spell sachets.

5.  Bring a mini chalice.

With the wine flowing at the holiday table, set aside a thimbleful of the good stuff to use in your night ritual after the lights go down.

A travel chalice adds an extra special touch to a private ritual when away from home.

6.  Hang a travel pouch on your rear view mirror.

Travel spell bags promote positive travel experiences and reduce trip-related anxiety.

Here are some instructions on how to make a travel spell bag yourself.

Toss one in your travel altar to bless your journey with happy vibes!

7.  Bring some peppermint oil.

A few drops of (diluted) peppermint oil on the forehead or in the bathwater works wonders for stress.  It also eases headaches (too much holiday wine?) and makes everything smell like a candy cane.

If you take one essential oil with you on your trip, make it peppermint oil!

8.  Include a vile of moon water in your altar kit.

Easy to DIY and the ultimate, all-purpose spell ingredient, consider including moon water in your travel kit.

Dot it on your wrists or behind your ears like perfume to calm frayed nerves from a long flight or help you keep from saying something you’ll regret to your annoying Aunt Nelly.

Moon water can be stored in a tiny corked bottle or vile for convenient, portable use on the go.

Tony vile of moon water.

9.  Load up your Kindle with witchy reads.

With all the tension of getting together with family and friends during the holidays or vacation, keep your sanity by scheduling a little “me time.”

Behind on your witchy reading list?  It’s a great time to catch up!  Pick a few pagan-themed reads and plan to retreat with them if things get hectic.

Or, kill some time in the passenger seat!

10.  Carry a piece of malachite.

Malachite aids travels and encourages safe passage.  Wear a piece of jewelry that features malachite prominently.  This brilliant, fairy-green stone sets beautifully into ornate rings and looks gorgeous in pendant necklaces.

How to assemble a mini travel altar for bringing magic on the road.



  1. This was so helpful! I already had a few things in mind, but going over this list gave me a lot more ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m going to be away from home for a month, so a travel-sized altar will help me a great deal! Thank you!

  2. hi
    i was wondering if you have made a beginners guide to make an altar? because i could really use one 🙂

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