Samhain Black Magic Martini (Bloody Witch’s Brew)

Bloody witch's brew black magic martini. Perfect for Samhain or Halloween.

Spooky, dramatic and mysterious, this black magic martini adds an atmospheric touch to any Samhain or Halloween gathering.

Plus, it looks wicked slick and requires practically zero skills.  My favorite kind of kitchen witch project!

Serve it at a dumb supper, pass it around the circle in a ritual chalice or make it your signature cocktail at a Samhain party.

Samhain bloody witch's brew martini cocktail.

Spooky black magic Samhain cocktail. Step through the Veil Between Wordls with this dramatic dry ice martini recipe.

Samhain black magic martini. Perfect for a pagan dumb supper, Halloween or Samhain party.

Bloody witch's brew black magic martini. Perfect for Samhain or Halloween.

Black Magic Martini Tips

-Use room temperature ingredients.  The dry ice reacts more dramatically with room temperature liquids (but not too dramatically).

-Try a small chunk of dry ice, and then work your way up to the desired effect.  If you go too big with the dry ice, the bottom half of the drink will freeze.

-Like a sweeter cocktail?  Add more triple sec.  If you like it drier, add a twist of lime.

-Be creative with the garnish.  You can use a maraschino cherry, an orange slice, a lime slice or even (affiliate link —->) food safe syringes.

-You can sub cointreau or any orange liquor for the triple sec.

Where to Get Dry Ice

Not all grocery stores carry dry ice, but probably more than you think.

I never noticed it at mine until I actually looked.  Apparently, it’s been up front by customer service since forever.

Try plugging in your zip code on this website, and they’ll tell you the closet retailer that has it.

Caution:  Cherry juice stains!  Avoid overfilling martini glasses, or you’ll end up scrubbing it out of your couch and carpet for a week!!


-2 ounces tart cherry juice

-1/2 ounce to a full 1 ounce of triple sec (depending on how sweet you like it)

-1.5 ounces vodka

-1 small food grade chunk dry ice

-twist of lime

orange or lime slices (for garnish)

Warning:  Dry ice produces a harmless gas when it melts.  However, take care not to swallow the actual dry ice chunk when consuming the cocktail.  This is easily avoidable, and mostly common sense, but it’s worth mentioning, because . . . you know how common sense goes with some people.

Step 1

Ring glass rims with sugar if desired.

Combine room temperature vodka, juice, triple sec and twist of lime in a cocktail shaker.  Do not chill them first.

Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

Step 2

Pour into a martini glass.  Leave at least an inch of space from the top of the glass.  That way, if your overdo your dry ice, you won’t have cherry juice spraying all over you.  Because that stuff stains.  Trust me.

Step 3

Garnish with a slice of lime, orange, maraschino cherry or whatever.  

Carefully drop a small piece of dry ice.

Serve, sit back and enjoy your awesome hosting skills.

Samhain black magic martini with tart cherry juice and dry ice.




  1. “Witch’s Bloody Brew!” – This is one of the coolest posts! Can’t wait to try this on my guests. I have to admit; the fun but professional information and knowledge, shared on Moody Moons is among’st the best one can find on similar esoteric sites. I am impressed, but mostly happy to be a subscriber! :0)

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