9 Witchy Self-Care Ideas to DIY at Home

Burned out?  Stressed?  Energy all out of whack?  Indulge in a little witchy self-care to revitalize your spirit, align your energy and reconnect with your inner goddess.

Self-care is all the rage these days.  From books to bath salts, the idea of rejuvenation as a pastime went mainstream a few years ago.

But really, what we call self-care has been a universal, fundamental part of spiritual life since the dawning of civilization.

Witchy self-care combines this attention to one’s own well-being with a magical practice that takes it into consideration.

Sun sign facial.

Try a facial specifically for your sun sign.  You need not go to a fancy spa for this.  Pinterest is your friend.  Try one of these ideas to feel more deeply rooted in your sun sign.

Earth signs:  Mud masks and green goddess facials naturally connect earth signs to their element.  

Water signs:  An ice-water facial instantly awakens a water sign’s inner cool.

Air signs:  DIY oxygen facials and facial steams compliment or amplify the energy of air signs.

Fire signs:  Anything with bentonite clay, a nutrient-rich form of volcanic ash, evokes the power and magic of fire.

Art spells.

Many modern psychologists swear that the benefits of art therapy range from stress relief to healing catastrophic trauma.

It’s no wonder.  The zen-like bliss of quietly painting away an afternoon soothes frazzled energy and reinforces the gravitational pull of grounding to the earth.

But in art magic, we primarily use the focused attention of creating art as a format for spell craft.

Don’t know where to start?  Try any one of these creative ideas for art magic.

Witchy holistic wellness.

The green witch knows that spiritual wellness roots and grows from balanced, well-rounded habits.

Take her cue and find ways to tune your everyday life into the rhythms of nature.

Reduce chemicals, get enough sleep, eat wild and learn the ways of natural living. 

Clearing energetic blockages from your living space.

Your living space is a sanctuary and a refuge from the turmoil of the life you live outside of it.

After residing anywhere for more than a few months, the energy in your home naturally grows stale without regular attention.

Nothing is more refreshing than clearing the energy where you live.  There are many ways to do this.  Try:

-Deep cleaning.  Organizing closets and drawers, dusting, wiping down neglected surfaces, ect.

-Re-arrange the furniture.  Moving just a few key pieces immediately changes the mood and vibe of any space.  Plus, it forces you to finally vacuum under the couch.  

-Try an energy clearing.  Clear energy after deep-cleanings, bad dreams, or disruptive household events (like an argument, or even just someone moving out).

Herbal relaxation.

How to balance your mood using essential oils.

Even if you don’t identify as a green witch, if you practice spell craft, you probably know your way around herbs.

Make use of this knowledge and incorporate mood-balancing herbs and relaxation herbs into your self-care.

Hot mint baths, essential oil aromatherapy, herbal compresses and dream salves all promote relaxation.

Plus, there’s just something so soul-soothing about tangling your fingers in herbs.  The work of creating herbal oils, rubs and potions is an exercise in self-care all by itself.

Self-love altar.

A self-love altar focuses on healing the wounds that make you insecure or unsure of yourself.

It sounds a little narcissistic on the surface, but self-reflection is a very different thing from self-flattery. 

The goal is to focus on what you don’t like about yourself, and then focus on why.

Start with a small table surface and a mirror.  Look into it and honestly ask yourself what qualities bother you.  Try to reflect on your inner qualities, and avoid physical self-critique.  Focus on one thing at a time.   

For example, “I tend to procrastinate.”

Then, think about how this quality actually sometimes serves you, or how it could be a manifestation of something you’re avoiding. 

If, for example, in the time you spend procrastinating, you mostly do something you love—like painting, or meditating, maybe it’s time to find a bigger place in your life for that.  

Once you establish the positive side of what you perceive to be a negative quality, try sitting at your altar regularly and reciting an affirmation that solidifies this new perspective.

Daily tarot draw.

Make the one-card tarot draw a regular practice in your morning routine.

This simple ritual helps to ground and center at the start of your day and gives you something tangible to contemplate.

Drawing a single card to focus on helps re-frame any difficulties you face and put them in a spiritual context.

The Single Card Tarot Draw: How to Read a One-Card Spread 9 Ways.

Moon Cycling

Moon cycling is the practice of staying consciously connected to the current moon phase.

We magical practitioners tend to think of the full moon often, but the other phases often slip away from our awareness.

Try aligning your energy with the current moon phase for a full moon cycle.

Start a new project for the new moon.  Consciously grow a new talent or move towards a new goal during the waxing moon.  Make a point to try a spell you want to experiment with or otherwise honor the full moon.  And during the waning moon, think of something in your life that you want to eliminate or reduce.

Witchy teas and drinks.

We witches love us some tea.

Herbal teas are almost as synonymous with witchcraft as black cats.

Go the extra mile and try something especially ethereal, like this moon milk with butterfly flowers.

Full moon ritual milk with butterfly pea flowers and coconut sugar.

Blessed be.

Self care ideas to connect with your inner goddess.

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