How to Balance Your Mood with Essential Oils

How to balance your mood using essential oils.

Feeling stressed?  Groggy?  Anxious?  Whatever your current mood, consider experimenting with essential oils to balance your mood and your spiritual energy.

Natural, widely available and infinitely useful, essential oils enhance any witchy self-care routine.

Taking the time to learn their metaphysical properties enriches your magical practice, expands your knowledge of herbal witchcraft, experiment with new oils or make the most of your existing collection.

Please note:  This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, including mental illness.  I’m sure most of you have the common sense to know that.  But there’s always that one guy who apparently needs to be told that mosquito repellent is for “external use only.”  So this is for that guy.  Also, this post contains affiliate links.

The Magic of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is to an herbal witchcraft practitioner what paint is to a canvas artist.

Essential oils are among the most potent of all herbal magic.

They concentrate some of the most powerful aspects of an herb into a powerfully aromatic liquid.

Harness this power in your magic to balance your mood and recalibrate your attitude when your day gets hectic, stressful or irritating.


Feeling a little foggy after an especially wild weekend? 

Or maybe you gave up coffee for New Year’s, and now you sleep walk through your mornings?

For mild sleepiness and mental fog, use a citrus essential oil like lemon, orange or grapefruit to open up sleep eyes and re-energize your mental vigor.

Add a few drops to unscented body wash to invigorate your morning shower, or place a few drops in your car or travel spell bag if you drive to work in the mornings.


Managing everyday stress is an essential component of self-care.

Demanding coworkers, restless children and surprise challenges all test our courage and our patience.

Balance your mood and smooth frayed nerves with lavender essential oil.

Add it to a hot bath or warm massage oil to calm frazzled nerves.

Anger and Irritability

Feeling quick to anger?  Sometimes, irritability drives us to say and do things we don’t mean.

Of course, we nearly always regret harsh words later.

So if you feel like your irritation occasionally gets the best of you, smooth out irritation with a little peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil.

Dilute 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of eucalyptus in a half ounce of carrier oil (olive, jojoba or almond, for example) and rub it on your wrists, over your heart and into your shoulders.

Find a quiet, comfortable space and spend about 10-15 minutes meditating.  Imagine the aroma of this essential oil combination like a cooling breeze that blows away irritability and leaves you feeling calm, centered and patient.


So, you want to accomplish something.

Maybe you plan to write the great American novel.  Or maybe you just want to organize the pantry.

But you can’t seem to take those first steps forward and some momentum.

Creative professionals call this a block.  It happens in every sphere of life, from work to home. 

All projects require a little motivation.

If you’re having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, try adding a little coffee essential oil to your oil diffuser.  Then, time yourself for 20 minutes (or an hour, or whatever) and devote yourself completely to getting even the smallest part of your project started.

Monday Blues

We all occasionally experience a low mood, or mild sadness.

Vanilla is my go-to essential oil to warm up a cool mood and counteract negative thinking.

Wear vanilla essential oil like a perfume (dilute with carrier oil for sensitive skin—I put it directly on my pulse points).

Not only does it cuddle you like a friendly hug, it also makes you smell like a goddess.


Got a big presentation at work?

Nervous about your upcoming wedding?

Overwhelmed by a hectic schedule next week?

Common nervousness is a natural human response to high-pressure situations.  It’s our body’s way of priming us to be on full alert in order to perform at our best.

Unfortunately, our anxiety is often triggered by events that really don’t require our full attention at the moment.

Set aside nerves and restore a sense of calm with a little chamomile essential oil.  

Fill a large bowl with hot (but not scalding) water.  Add a half cup of Epsom’s or sea salt.  Then, add 10-12 drops of chamomile essential oil.  Enjoy a hot foot soak for 10-15 minutes to balance your mood, reduce nervousness and regain your usual, queen-like composure. 

Balancing your mood with aromatherapy and essential oils.

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