Black Salt: How to Make and Use It for Protection

Black salt often appears in spells for spiritual protection of the home, body and mind.  

Whip out a quick batch for your spell crafting pantry with this easy, customizable recipe.

Then, keep it on hand and use it in a magical pinch! 

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Black salts for use in magic and spells.

A super easy, detailed article on using ritual black salts in witchcraft, magic and spells.

How to use and make witch's black salt.

What is black salt?

Bad vibrations occasionally find their way into everyone’s life from time to time.

This includes ill-fated relationships, poor workplace circumstances and incompatible roommates or living situations.

These things often lead to depression, low-functioning behaviors and unhealthy habits.  Nip it in the bud before it gets unbearable.

Metaphysically, black salt absorbs negative energy, spiritually poisonous vibes and general yuck.

Use it for everything from soaking up a bad mood to driving away toxic people from your life.


-coarse sea or kosher salt

-any one of the following

     *fire pit ashes

     *black food coloring

     *black pepper

      *activated charcoal powder

How to Make It

Combine salt and black additive of your choice.

Then, consider using the energy of the dark moon to prepare this concoction, which heightens its protective properties.

Charge it by leaving it outdoors under the dark moon or with any other charging method you prefer.

Optional Additives

Including natural additives to your black salt is kind of like making specialty butter. 

Of course, the plain stuff works just fine, but if you want to get fancy or more specific, an extra ingredient for added magical flavor never hurts.

For extra punch or to customize your black salt for a specific purpose, consider adding any one of the following.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Add a few drops of rosemary oil for protection from harmful people or toxic relationships.

Also a nice addition if you plan to use your salts for home protection or to bless the perimeter of your sacred space.

Use about 8 drops for every 5 ounces of black salt.

Cayenne Powder

Add a little cayenne for black salts intended to dispel anger or toxic relationships.

Perfect for dealing with difficult roommates or hard-to-handle relatives.

Lavender Essential Oil

Dark moon divination requires the practitioner to open herself up to the unseen world.

So, if you’re making a batch of black salts for psychic protection, consider adding a little lavender essential oil to block invisible ickiness.

Or, add it to a batch for easing emotional pain, grief or anxiety.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Include cinnamon essential oil for protection from a broken heart or pain in a romantic relationship.

Or, include cinnamon essential oil for black salts you plan to use after a paranormal investigation to clear away negative entities or settle disturbed energies.

Include about 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil per 5 ounces of black salts.

Caution:  Do NOT allow pure, uncut cinnamon essential oil to make contact with your skin.  It burns like a mother.  Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Ways to Use Your Black Salts

There are an infinite number of ways to use black salts.  Here are a few brainstormed for you.

-Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your house to guard the hearth and home.

-Add some to a car protection charm to give it a boost.

-Place protection gemstones in a bag of black salt to cleanse and recharge them.  (Be sure to rinse them thoroughly before use).

-Are you dating?  Carry a small glass jar of black salts with cinnamon oil to protection your heart from lovers with bad intentions.

-If you’re in a toxic friendship, get a picture of the two of you together.  When you’re ready to end the friendship, place the photo in a biodegradable container (a dye-free brown bag works) and bury it somewhere away from your home.  Walk away and don’t look back.

-Mark the perimeter of your outdoor sacred space when you cast a circle to protect you during ritual.  (Don’t use it on an indoor circle, as it may stain carpet or flooring).

Witch's Black Salt: What it is, how to make it, and when to use it.




  1. I love you article on black salt. I’ve read others but not nearly as interesting and informative as this one I look forward to my emails from you. Thanks for sharing!☠️?☠️

    1. very new although ive been intrested my intire life. I feel like about 17 years ago someone put a curse on me for bad and it only it good temporarily ill have a wonderful life and it will crash ive neen told I have a dark cloud that follows me how do I lift it or remove it . I camt keep goi g through all of it its makeimg me insane and I dont want to feel this anymore

      1. Light a black candle encircled in sea salt, allow the candle to burn entirely. Afterwards, place the remains of the candle and the sea salt in a bag and pour more sea salt into the bag and tie the bag. Then you take the bag and throw it in a moving body of water which is moving in the opposite direction of where you live, or you can bury the bag at a crossroad.

    1. You can put it in a glass bowl for three days and leave in the busiest area, or your bedroom depending on where you’re having the most problems. After three days wash it down the sink so it dissolves…. since I’m guessing you can’t throw it in a river, ocean or fire… blessings!

    2. Right outside the threshold of your door or windowsill where you won’t track it in or damage your carpet. Try using a funnel to get the black salt exactly where you need it. I hope this helps.

      1. when ending a toxic friendship do you put the black salt with cinnamon oil in with the picture in the paper bag

  2. I’ve always wondered exactly how one would go about making the salt black or if it came this way like pink Himalayan sea salt. Thank you very much for the info!!

        1. not advisable. other methods available. (sorry, I accidentally replied to the wrong message). activated charcoal can flush necessary medications out of a person’s system and hurt them. salt intake is also bad for certain peoples health (blood pressure etc.). ash is not edible.

    1. Actually you can buy food grade black salt which contains lots of healthy minerals and iron etc. It’s just not the same at all. Two totally different salts. Witches salt lime this one is very specific for spiritual use.

  3. I have absolutely horrible neighbors and need something to make it stop. Is there a spell with black salt that can help me?

    1. For horrible neighbors you can throw back salt at their front door and that will make them move out .You can also throw black salt in the corners of your home for protection. And to Expel negative energy in your Surrounding environment .

  4. I have a negative entity attached itself to the house I live in and more so myself, will this help with a protective cleansing ritual?

  5. I made some black salt last night. In place of regular ashes I used the ashes from a piece of paper that I had written my spell on that had been wrapped in pineapple sage. Those specific ashes combined with the salt will hopefully create and added level of protection to our home.

    Love and Light

  6. Hello, I’m new to this, and I’m not sure how to go about starting my life as a new witch. to be honest I’m a bit scared in fact. I’m just learning at the moment but I really want to be an official Wiccan.

    1. Hi Andrea!

      There’s not really any such thing as an “official Wiccan.” Wicca is a loosely connected religion with no central doctrine or governing body.

      If Wicca interests you, try contacting a local pagan or Wiccan group on in your area, or see if your local Unitarian Universalist Church has a CUUPS chapter.

      Good luck!

          1. If I can not go near my horrible neighbor house how can I use black salt to keep them awY from me and my family and stop spreading nasty rumours how can I get them to leave us alone

          2. yeah i want to know something similar to debbie which also seems to be someone else’s question above too….is there such spell or anything to do against annoying neighbors?

      1. Hello I have black salt and is it okay to put outside my doors of my home.and is it okay to carry it on me and my car

  7. All around a great article with great tips and suggestions. I love how it progresses on how to make it, what it represents, and explaining different way to use it with instructions. Awesome, thank you!

  8. Hi. I’m new here.I have here black salt I bought it online. I use it ince placing it under my pillow to prevent bad dreams. I did not throw it for a month. Well I follow the directions but I did not read it below to throw it weekly. I have a question if you don’t mind? how will apply bkack salt on my career works as a pharnacy aide cause I want my sales to increase and/ or if I’m looking for a new job to improve myself more and increase my income bec I spent it, I want to control ? I need your advice. Thank you.

  9. thank you so much im a baby witch gathering information to put in my book of shadows. this article was super helpful!

  10. Can men use Wicca spells as well? I’ve been feeling really depressed lately with school and stuff and want to get into witchcraft.

  11. I have been feeling a dark energy surrounding my daughter since she met this new guy shes seeing, it seems to have attached to her and her room. I have tried to smudge but have trouble keeping the smudge stick even lit in that room, i have bought evil be gone oil and spell break oil, ( not certain how to best use) I am at my wits end, this energy is making her physically weak and sick, and she is getting worse day by day. I have asked a caster to do break up spell but doesnt seem to be working… i will try anything at this point… so with that background, how can i charge the salt if the moon phase for dark moon has past? and any other suggestions to help me will be appreciated.

  12. hello! i have a necklace with a tiny jar attached to it, could i fill the jar with the black salt, and wear it around my neck and use it as protection?

  13. Hello, how often should I reapply black salt outside of my house? With the elements here, I dont think it would last long.

  14. So I am a baby witch and my guides say I need to protect myself before they can talk to me and be more connected. I have also been feeling very uneasy and like I’m being watched or chased I need to do something to protect myself. Would table salt and fire ashes work for protection? And do you have any tips?

    1. I use Dragon Blood incense, blue and white Sage..salt, balls of steal and carry small crystals that called to me, meditation is important when finding what works. including one a small jar of black salt on me, which should go to the dirt thanks for the tip after a week!

  15. Leave the black salt around the
    Perimeter of your house windows doorways stairs rooms as much as you feel like…
    It will do no harm. But most will say once a week but with the wind outside, if your scared do it til you feel better…
    When you sage make sure there’s a window open.

  16. any tips on how to dispose black salt for people who live in apartments and how long can i use black salt for?

  17. I have gotten black salt I heard you can use it to protect your house. Is it true to put it in your door way so evil can go away?

  18. Can I somehow use black salt to stop a “hater”, a friend who is jealous of me. I don’t want to completely expel the friendship but I do want him to stop hating, and to truly want good things to continue to come my way.
    What can I use?

  19. Can I put it in a little bottle and wear it like a necklace? Like for protection in hard days or something.

  20. Hello! I’m a cashier at a local market and my customers are always rude and mean to me. I defend myself against being mistreated. This mistreatment is getting worse and so is the luck in my life. I have a feeling one of my customers put a curse on me. How do I use the black salt for cleansing?

  21. Hey,
    I was wondering if instead of cinnamon essential oil I could put ground cinnamon or a stick of cinnamon in my black salt for heartbreak protection or does it have to be essential oil absolutely?

  22. Can you use black salt and a magic mirror to stop a hex? I’ve read about a mirror box… Will putting the offenders picture in the box with black salt send the negative energy back to them? And if so, do you bury it? burn it? Do you change the salt? How long does it last?

  23. I have coal heat, will the ashes from that work? Also, when putting it around the perimeter of my property, is there anything I can chant while doing so to add more protection to it?

    1. I don’t see why not, so long as there is nothing toxic in the coal.

      As for chanting, I recommend keeping it simple and close to your heart. Choose a single word or a line from a poem that feels appropriate.

  24. Sorry I wasn’t as specific with my first question.
    Can I crush up anthracite coal to replace the activated charcoal?
    Thank you!

  25. Will this work for dreams? I had a dream that caused me to wake up with my entire body shaking/tremor. I looked around but didn’t see anything. I have a motion activated light in the bathroom and it came on but nothing to set it off. You have to physically be walking into the bathroom for it to come on and I was shaking in bed unable to get up. The moment I closed my eyes I was back in the dream and could not wake myself. my body felt drained and sore in the morning. The next night I kept hearing the sound of water dripping but could find from where. I checked the faucet, under the sink, the shower, the toilet, and unplugged the humidifier but still heard it as I was trying to fall asleep. I’m a very light sleeper and as I was just about to fall asleep, (I’m not sure what to call it the moment you drift off) I felt my body get extremely heavy and a black air or smoke essence in my mind dragging me and surrounding me. I had to fight to open my eyes(like eyes rolling to the back of my head fight to pull them forward to stop from being pulled deeper into the sleep) to force myself out of the sleep that I had just went into. I’ve never had to fight to wake up after just falling asleep. It hadn’t even been a minute. It scared the crap out of me. I listened to Bible scriptures about protection to be able to try to go back sleep. I don’t know what it means. All I know is that it felt bad/evil and I’m scared to go to sleep right now. What can I do? Will black salt help and how do I use it in this circumstance? I’ve always had many dreams in a night and very vivid but I’ve never been afraid to sleep or dream. Last month I decided to try to find out what some meant that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I found a thread on Quora that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. While I was reading it, a pop up ad or what I thought was an ad said deleting external storage but I just continued to scroll. my phone shut down and came back on. I called my friend because I had told her about the dream earlier in the day and in the middle of the call my phone shut down and was factory reset. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I’m not sure if it’s related but since then I don’t look into my dreams or the meaning or dream walking or anything of the like. This is giving me the same vibes but darker much darker.

  26. Very informative and easy to follow the FYI on the cinnamon oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣been there. Got some on my cheek, I thought I had been kissed by Satan himself….

  27. I recently used black salt I bought at a magic shop near me in front of my door on my porch and enclosed patio bc of some really horrible negative problems I’ve start having and I could be wrong but I bought it bc I thought my ex friend who I’ve recently had a falling out with cursed me ( fyi she was into some bad witchcraft, and has said she was going to curse people in the past that’s why I think she might have done it to me since the falling out..) I used it as a protection sort of thing and my question is does anyone know if it is normal if it turns white after one night of it being placed at your doors or whatever? Used it twice both times it happened, I also saged. Thanks in advance!

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