Cloud Scrying for Beginners

Last year, I did a post on Bone Reading.

Now that the weather is warm, I’d like to talk about another form of divination commonly referred to as cloud scrying.

Cloud scrying

Scrying is the art of looking for hidden messages in different objects.  The most accessible form of scrying for most people is the crystal ball, but people have used everything from tea leaves to chicken bones.

Today, we’ll talk about how you can use clouds in a similar way.  I like clouds for the purpose of scrying because they are:

1.  Free.

2.  Available to almost anyone.

3.  Brings us closer to the natural world.

4.  Something you can do in broad daylight, where many beginners find occult practices less intimidating.

5.  Something you’ve probably already done, or did do as a child, without knowing it.

The first thing to remember is that scying is essentially meditation with your eyes open.  When you think of it this way, the basics become easier to master, especially if you have experience with meditation.
Much like ordinary meditation, clearing your mind becomes both the most important and the most difficult task.

Fortunately, laying on your back in the grass on a warm day lends itself nicely to clarity of the mind.

Choose a pleasant day with warm temperatures.  Be sure also that the sun is not too high or too strong.  You should be able to look up at the clouds without straining or squinting into the light.

Load a relaxing soundtrack onto your phone or MP3 player.  Some people find music distracting and if that’s you, then simply enjoy the silence or the sounds of your natural surroundings.  Certainly, if your phone alerts constantly, it’s not helpful, which is why I generally prefer to use an MP3 player and leave the phone behind.  But if you opt for sound, I recommend meditation music to get you in the right frame of mind.

Be patient.  Don’t leap right away to deciphering shapes or even words in the clouds above you.  Relax.  Allow them to float over you for a while.  Scrying rarely rewards an impatient or over-eager practitioner.

Even if nothing obvious leaps out at you that day, or the next day, keep at it.  Make a habit of trying on your nature walks.  With regular practice, it becomes easier and easier.

Once you get the hang of it, write down your insights!  Your journal or Book of Shadows provides the perfect space for any kind of spiritual thoughts.  Note your progress.  Even better, take pictures of shapes in the clouds that you found especially inspiring.  Come back to them later to see if anything else jumps out at you about those formations.

Make a point to make the most of this summer season.  Blessed be!



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  1. I recently had a weird scrying experience. I was outside, scrying the clouds, and I saw a puff of yellow, green,orange dust with purple particles when I breathed in and black particles when I breathed out?

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