Trending: Witchy Fashion (Winter 2020)

Witchy fashion trends: Try wearing a spiky gold crown for the Winter Solstice.

As the next decade peaks over the horizon like a shy moon, witchcraft fashion is having a moment. 

Anyone ever invited to a public moon circle knows that goddess girls dig their threads. 

From swooping Grecian gowns to antique jewelry, we scour antique shops for ritual wear as a form of expression and devotion.

Even Vogue magazine published an article on New York style at the Summer Solstice

So what will the next year look like in witchy fashion?  Welcome to your moon circle style guide for 2020.

But first . . .

Let’s try not to take ourselves too seriously, okay?

Spirituality is a serious matter that obviously goes much deeper than fashion choices.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, people.

You have to admit, the culture definitely celebrates some . . . flamboyant clothing trends.

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy a little witchy fashion together, shall we?

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what to watch out for in 2020. 

Cosmic Jewelry

Cosmic witch: Winter 2020 Pagan Fashion Trends
Model: Demolition Blonde

Back in the day, people imagined the year 2020 as super-futuristic culmination of human achievement.  

But long before we dreamed of world where families took space-travel summer vacations and ran errands on anti-gravity hoverboards, the witches of the world looked to the stars for insight, guidance and magic.

Draw down the universe with celestial-inspired jewelry. 

Crescent moon necklaces and dangling star earrings are coming to a moon circle near you.

Vibrant Hair Wraps

Ceremonial hair wraps.
Model: Tatyana

If you wear ceremonial hair wraps for ritual or fortune telling, drench yourself in vibrant colors like deep purple and indigo this season.

These rich, saturated, cooler-spectrum hues rule the Third Eye.  A lovely way to use color magic in your ritual wear!

Spiky Ritual Crowns

Witchy fashion trends: Try wearing a spiky gold crown for the Winter Solstice.
Model: Alyssa C. Davis

While flower crowns dominate during the spring seasons of Ostara and Beltane, try wearing a spiky gold crown for winter solar festivals like Yule and Imbolc.

Perfect for a high priestess or to rock the Winter Solstice.

Goddess Gowns

Flowing fabrics transition seamlessly from ethereal winter-white goddess to spring fairy queen.

Look for long bell sleeves, draping skirts and plunging necklines.

All Natural Fabrics

Trending: Witchy fashion.

In a nature-based spiritual practice, many pagans are opting to switch to an all-natural wardrobe.

Consider ditching synthetics and look for natural fabrics like hemp, 100% cotton, and silk.

These fabrics tend to come with a higher price tag, so if you’re on a budget, search for them at second-hand shops.

Other Witchy Trends to Watch Out For

Keep an eye out for these, too!

Poison Rings

If you’ve never seen a poison ring before, it’s kind of like a locket for your hand, except instead of a photograph, it was traditionally used to conceal poison.

In a more civil society, magical practitioners use them as charms and fill them with protection herbs.

As a bonus, they also look super chic at a dark moon ritual.

Crocheted Shawls 

Forget the heavy, old-lady black shawls of the stereotypical haggardly witch.

Choose soft pastels for a fairy-themed winter look, or rich burgundy for a Yule celebration. 

Get cozy in front of your hearth fire, or throw one over your couch and encourage guests to warm up at will.

Most Importantly . . .

Be creative, and be yourself! 

Blessed be.


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