5 Witchy Fashion Trends That Don’t Look Like Halloween Costumes

Keep it classy and understated with these super chic witchy fall fashion trends that don’t look like Halloween costumes.

 Looking to add a hint of magic to your wardrobe without like a walking pagan festival everywhere you go?  I get it. 

Whether you stepped out of the broom closet from your very first moon ritual or you’ve been on the down low for decades, there’s no need to parade about with a giant pentacle around your neck to express your magical self.   

Pagan & Witchy Fashion

Here at Moody Moons, we like to get ahead of the hate mail.  For this article, it will most likely go something like this:

“OMG witchcraft is a legitimate spiritual practice!  You’re going to reduce this ancient art to fashion?!

Well, of course not.

But modern witches and pagans have always had a fashion culture.  One need only to attend any pagan event to know that.  We need not take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have a little fun with the very subculture we inspired.  Mmmmkay?

Don’t be a basic witch and get all bent out of shape over a pair of shiny black flats.

Now that that is out of the way . . .

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1.  Pointy black shoes.

The pointy toe of the early 2000s is making a comeback, and it has a distinctly witchy flavor.

A far cry from the weird, ugly boots of popular imagination, the black pointy toed flat is chic, comfortable and subtly magical.

Or, try them in red and call them your ruby slippers.  Everyone who knows your magical self will get the joke.

Witchy fall fashion: wear pointy shoes for a hint of magical chic.

2.  Bell Sleeves

For those with a flare for whimsical witchy fashion, bell sleeves give your arms a sweeping elegance your whole coven will envy.

Be careful!  Don’t go waving your arms around a candle!   Consider swapping out open flames for something smokeless if you wear these to ritual.

3.  Cocktail rings.

If you read tarot or other divination for a living, you know that your hands really stand out when you work.

Consider adorning your magic-working hands with a cocktail ring.

I love this one.

4.  Glitter is back.  Make it magical.

According to the fashion blogging divas, that glitter you remember from high school has made a comeback.

And while wearing it to your early morning biology class or a staff meeting might be a little much, it definitely has a mystical vibe under the full moon.

Rock a little glitter on the eyes or lips for your Sabbat or Esbat ritual.  By the next moon, everyone will be doing it.

I’m not a huge fan of the product name, but I do like that this gold glitter is cruelty free!

Glitter makeup fall trend.

5.  Closet color magic.

Take advantage of the latest color trends and style your outfits using the principles of color magic.

Try on the recent trend of mustard yellow parading down the streets of fashion-conscious cities like New York, Paris and Milan to promote savvy business sense and exude a confident, joyful energy.

Color magick fashion.





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  1. hi, I am looking for something to dress up my floor length black dress. I belong a dance troupe and always in the public eye. Unfortunately, I have no creative insights for this. Would you PLEASE HELP ME.

    Thank you from the bottom of my noncreative heart!

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