Road Trip: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Hitting the Highway

Planning a road trip, but don’t want to leave behind your witchy lifestyle?  Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or driving cross country, bringing magic on the road makes any trip a magical journey.

Check out the ideas below to infuse your adventure with a mystical flare!

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Stay in a haunted house.

Sites like Airbnb abound with haunted houses and unique lodging options.  I stayed in a haunted house on my press trip to Savannah, Georgia and it made the experience unforgettable.

Plan one spiritual activity.

Choose something suited to your destination—–perhaps a sea witch ritual on the beach or attending a public pagan festival.  I find planning on at least one soul-feeding event keeps you in step and calms your nerves when they get rattled.

Leave behind an offering.

Either in a symbolic or literal way, I like to leave behind something as a show of gratitude to the universe and the land for my journey and safe passage.

A few coins in a public fountain, a donation to a local charity or a gift to my host gratifies me deeply.

Assemble a travel altar.

This can be as simple as an Altoids box with some matches, a tea candle, a pinch of herbs, and maybe a crystal or two.   You don’t need any tools at all, but if you like them, it makes it easy to honor the Esbats without dragging your whole magickal cabinet with you on your road trip.

For more ideas how to put together a travel altar, check out Your Travel Altar:  10 Ideas to Make Magic Portable.

Find out where the magickal shops are.

Google “witch shops” or “new age stores” + your destination to discover stores with occult items.  I always do this, no matter where I’m going.

Particularly if you live in a small town or somewhere where occult shops are hard to come by, why not stop in to visit a witchy store local to your destination to shop for some magical souvenirs?

Download a moon phase app.

If you don’t already have one, a moon phase app will help you stay on top of the Esbats and in tune with the lunar cycle.  Even if it only prompts me to look out my car window at the sky, connecting with the moon occasionally helps me to feel stabilized, confident and aware of just how close to home I actually am.

Make a travel mojo bag.

I started making these before trips just this year, and I swear, everything goes so much smoother every time!  Refresh it between trips by leaving the spell components in the moonlight to charge and changing out the herbs.  Hang it from your rear view mirror or toss it in the glove box and go!

Find instructions for a basic travel mojo bag here.

Eat naturally.

Personally, natural living and diet is an important part of my practice.  I believe the body is a temple and I always feel better when I nourish mine with pure, whole foods.

Eating well on the road poses a special challenge, but I like coming up with creative ways to make it happen.

Stop at roadside farmer’s markets for fresh fruit, pack a cooler with whole foods for the road and whatever you do, stay away from the drive through! 

Bring home something from the earth.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains or the city, every region in the world specializes in some kind of natural wonder.

When I’m in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, I bring back jugs of freshly pumped spring water.

When I go to the ocean, I come home with jars of ocean water and seashells.

When I go to the Midwest, I bring back herbs harvested right from the land that don’t grow where I live.

You get the idea!

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  1. Interesting article. Agree with your points (eating, taking something natural etc). I have just returned from Japan and I took a ton (almost literally) of volcanic rock back in my rucksack heheh!

  2. I have a tiny wicker basket I always have ready to go, with a small candle, holder and matches, small drawstring bags and vials for water and other things I find. I take my dogs to the beach and forest camping so I’m always finding goodies while walking them.

  3. As a frequent traveler, I love your tips and tickled to find some I hadn’t thought of . . . looking for haunted houses on Air B&B – genius!
    btw – I am dying to know what Tarot deck the card in your header photo is from.

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