Weird Facts About Witchcraft & the Occult

Weird, unexplained and mindblowing facts about witchcraft, the occult and the paranormal.

In search of credible facts about witchcraft & the occult?

Although popular consensus dictates that scientists, doctors and mainstream pop culture figures generally steer clear of the occult and the paranormal, a number of well-respected historical figures and scientists take paranormal matters quite seriously.

At the end, you will find a list of my sources, which include The Washington Post, Psychology Today, The Smithsonian and the respected, peer-reviewed medical journal, The Lancet. 

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Mind blowing, credible, well-documented facts about witchcraft & the occult.

Abraham Lincoln’s wife held seances in the White House.

In fact, the former president regularly consulted spiritualists, and one of them even warned him of his impending death.  The artist Michelle L. Hamilton even depicted Lincoln and his wife conducting a seance in the White House!

Heartbreakingly, the First Lady said her deceased son’s spirit came to her nightly in her dreams, and after Lincoln’s death, she sought deeper solace in the Spiritualist faith.

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph to record ghosts.

The genius behind early recording devices originally hoped to capture the sound of spirits talking.  During the latter part of his life, Edison became preoccupied with the idea of spirit communication, and one of his most famous inventions actually amounted to an epic failure (at least as far as its intended purpose went.)

People who meditate long term change their brains in observable ways.

A neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School discovered through brain scans that people who meditate developed more gray matter in the frontal cortex, as well as areas of the brain associated with compassion and empathy.

Anthropologists have written case studies on death following voodoo curses.

A number of well-documented medical case studies exist on the death of seemingly healthy, young people dying under the influence of a “curse.”  Psychology Today concluded the deaths were psychosomatic.  Hmmmmm . . . .

Jimmy Page was a witch.

The legendary guitarist from Led Zepplin followed the teachings of the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley.

If you listen carefully to the lyrics of many Led Zepplin songs, Page’s interest in old, European paganism boils to the surface quite readily.

In New York, you must disclose to potential buyers that your house is haunted.

In 1991, Stambovsky v. Ackley established case law that requires sellers to tell prospective buyers if they’ll have to share their space with apparitional roommates.

A 13-year medical study was conducted on near-death experiences.

A peer-review medical study on the phenomena known as “near death experience” was conducted by a group of scientists in the Netherlands.  After a decade-plus research project, they drew the following conclusion:

Our results show that medical factors cannot account for the occurrence of NDE. All patients had a cardiac arrest, and were clinically dead with unconsciousness resulting from insufficient blood supply to the brain.”

In other words, We don’t know wtf.

‘Abracadabra’ is of mysterious origin.

However, some etymologists believe it comes from the Hebrew phrase meaning “I will create as I speak.”

Although in modern times, popular culture connects the word mostly to stage magic, its roots penetrate deeply into historical folk magick, with the first known usage recorded all the back to the 3rd century AD.


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  1. I have had what I thought was a normal life has left me and I’m trying to find who I really am and I find myself drawn to nature and what is natural but due to my circumstances do what I feel I must until things get better where I can help and be a comfort to others. Please help me find direction and begin what I’m sure had been hidden in me from a young age. I fibd in reading my early attraction to many of these things.

    1. Hi,

      It sounds like you’ve started down a long, complex path to self-discovery! That’s great. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Can you be more specific?

  2. It’s interesting to know that even Thomas Edison who invented things out of scientific theories is also into spirit communication. This might be the reason why my sister, who loves to find a valid reason for everything, got recently into witchcraft. It might be a good idea to buy her supplies as a Christmas gift as a way to support her newly found interest.

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