Ask a Witch: How Do I Protect Myself?

A witch answers the classic magical (and human) question: How Do I Protect Myself?

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This month, Moody Moon’s contributing writer, Bunny Orion, has the answers.


Dear Bunny,

I recently started getting more into witchcraft, and as part of my research I’ve learned how important it is to protect myself. I want to make sure I am doing everything right. What are some simple ways I can protect myself?


Seeking Safety


Dear Seeking Safety,

First off, congratulations on starting your journey! I also commend you for your question–taking the steps to protect yourself is one of the very first things that any practicing witch should do. As witches, we are constantly working with one foot in the other world. It therefore makes sense that we should take the time to ensure our safety and protection.

The good news is that there are many and varied ways to protect yourself, which I have broken up into 3 categories: protecting yourself and others, protecting your home, and protecting your spellwork. 

Protecting yourself and others

In the very basics of witchcraft, I think it is a good idea to learn to protect your person. Examples may include daily rituals of speaking a protection mantra into your morning coffee or writing protective sigils on your skin with lotions and serums. You can also charm specific objects that you might interact with daily, such as jewelry or a perfume. This is also a great way to share that protection with others. Finally, keep an object on you that you consider to be good luck. I personally carry a tiger’s eye with me everywhere, and I know that as long as I have it, I am safe. 

Protecting your home

Protecting your home is, in my opinion, one of the most fun parts of witchcraft. Perhaps it is because I am so attracted to hearthcraft, or it might simply be because I love interior design. Regardless, there are many fun and easy ways to protect your home. For starters, focus on any entrances to your home, namely doors and windows. I like to hang protective objects by my front door (a horseshoe, nazar, protective amulet, etc). I similarly place protecting objects on all of my windowsills. For this, I follow a simple folk practice of placing rocks in my windowsill, which is said to ward off burglars. Next, I like to draw sigils on my doors and windows, whether with moon water, anointed oils, or even just normal cleaner. 

For the space itself, I suggest regularly cleansing out stagnant energy and calling in protection. You can do this through smoke cleansing with various herbs, spraying enchanted water throughout the space, or even auditorily through chanting, singing, or ringing bells (perfect for someone like me with asthma and particularly sensitive smoke detectors). 

Finally, I try to maintain a relationship with the spirits of my house. I believe that homes have souls, and I therefore think it is very important to build and nurture a relationship with them. I make sure to talk to my house, respect it by keeping it clean and well cared for, and take the time to listen to what it wants. In return, I trust that it keeps me safe and guarded, just as I do for it. 

Protecting your spell work

Finally, when you are ready to start spellwork, it is a good idea for the spell itself be protected. This can mean different things for different people–perhaps you want to have a reversal planned in case something goes wrong. Maybe you want to call on a specific spirit or guide to watch you through the process. Personally, I like to make sure I am grounded and centered, I know what I am doing, I have a plan for if things go awry, and I have called in guardians and guides to watch and help me as I do my work. 

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