Summer Solstice Altar Candle DIY

Gorgeous, easy-to-make Summer Solstice altar candle or ritual candle for litha. Natural ingredients like hand-gathered moss, flowers, honey, and oak leaves.

Handcraft your own Summer Solstice altar candle for a Litha or Midsummer ritual, or simply to draw the energy and magic of the summer season into your home/ritual space.

Made from seasonal ingredients chosen for their sacredness to the Summer Solstice, the elements in this candle are easy to find!  From honey to moss and hand-gathered local wildflowers, this candle is as soul-nourishing to make as it is to burn.

Summer Solstice Altar Candle

Creating altar candles that are specific to the seasons, a ritual, or a spell is a highly effective way to impart your personal energy into your magical practice.

Create a Summer Solstice candle that vibes with the energy of sunlight at its fullest peak and nature in full bloom.

Magical Correspondences

It’s fun to come up with ritual elements for candles and seasonal magical crafts according to your own traditions and associations.  

The elements I chose for this candle are from my own experience with plants that are seasonal to my area, but you’re free to swap them out with ingredients that are more specific to your area, tradition, or experience.

Oak Leaves

Oak leaves peak during the Summer Solstice.  The oak tree is a symbol of wisdom, majesty, and the connection between the spirit world and our earthly realm (“As Above, So Below”).

In some traditions, oak leaves are associated with the Green Man and a sacred symbol of the Solstice.


Moss is slow-growing and shadow-loving.  During Midsummer, it symbolizes the light of the sun overtaken by the darkness of night.


In many parts of the world, Litha is the prime lavender season.

Bees have a special kinship with both the Summer Solstice and with lavender fields.


Honey is perhaps the most recognized symbol of Midsummer aside from the sun itself.  

A jar of honey in the window literally glows in the sunlight.  A jar of honey harvested on the Summer Solstice is especially potent.

Orange Peel

The orange is also a classic solar symbol.  In fact, all citrus fruits may be used as solar symbols in spellcraft and rituals.  However, orange specifically represents sunlight in its full glory.  (As opposed to lemon, which is a symbol of early morning light and springtime).


The crushed cinnamon in this ritual candle is ruled by the Element of Fire.  Cinnamon powder is what a bonfire would be if you could crush it up and bottle it.

Things You Will Need

*yellow, orange, or white candle

*2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

*2 tablespoons honey

*1 tablespoon dried orange zest or orange peel

*2 tablespoons dried lavender flowers

*handful of foraged moss

*bunch of oak leaves

*seasonal flowers

Step 1

In a small bowl, crush up lavender petals and dried orange zest.

Dip a candle in a combination of honey and cinnamon and then roll in seasonal flowers for a Midsummer altar candle.

Mix ground cinnamon and honey together and rub it on the candle.

Step 2

Lavender bundle.

Orange peel and lavender are the perfect combination for Litha! Use them in loose incense blends, candle rolls and more.

Step 3

Midsummer Soltice ritual candle idea.

Roll the candle in the bowl of lavender and dried orange peel.

Step 4

Moss on wet paper towel as a candle base.

Fold and dampen a paper towel.  Place it in the bottom of a water-safe bowl.  Place some chunks of moss on it.

Step 5

Surround the bowl with oak leaves.

Step 5

Add seasonal flowers.  Store-bought flowers are lovely, handgathered wildflowers or flowers from your magical garden are even better.

Make your own Summer Solstice altar candle.

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