10 Essential Gemstones for Magick & Spellcraft

Check out these 10 affordable gemstones for your magical or spellcraft practice (plus, how to use them!)

Are you interested in trying crystal magick, but don’t know where to start?  Consider experimenting with one of these 10 essential gemstones for magick and spellcraft.

The glitter and shine of gemstones have attracted humans since the dawn of civilization.  You might even call this strange, mystical power of allure . . . well, witchcraft.

But if you don’t want to spend a fortune on them (they can, after all, be prohibitively expensive), there’s good news.  

The gemstones below are generally affordably priced, and easy to find.  

So, let’s get witch-crafty with these gemstones for magick & spellcraft.

How to Use Gemstones for Magick

Before we dive into the mystical qualities of the stones below, let’s talk about a few common, all-purpose ways to incorporate gemstones into your spellcraft and rituals.

Spell Bags

Spell bags are little bags or sachets with one or more spell ingredients that complement a specific intention.

For example, this spell bag to stop writer’s block contains several items intended to assist in pushing past creative blocks.

Add gemstones appropriate to your spell intention to almost any spell bag.

Candle Magick

Gemstones may be incorporated quite easily into basic or complex candle magick.

You can even add some gemstones into candles during the candle-making process to infuse them with a particular energy.

Or, try this simple trick:  Anoint a candle with a spell oil or essential oil.  (Consider choosing a candle in an intentional color).  Then, surround the base of the candle with gemstones to promote your spell objective.

Tarot Spells

Tarot spells are an easy, all-purpose spell format that can be tailored to any goal.

Just choose a tarot card that represents your objective (The Lovers card for love, Ten of Pentacles for financial goals, The Tower for a fresh start, ect).  Place it on your altar and surround it with appropriate gemstones and/or herbs.

Ritual Baths

Nothing makes a ritual bath feel more enchanting and mystical than a tub or vanity piled with gemstones.

Use the rim of your tub to place intentionally-chosen gemstones.  Or, let your sink or vanity act as a stand-in for a ritual altar.


Ranging in color from soft lavender to royal-purple, amethyst evokes the mystery and power of the unseen.

Practitioners often place amethyst on the table during divination or when trying to achieve deep meditative states to enhance mystical experience.

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful, royal-blue stone is associated with moon magick.

With delicate pyrite flecks that glitter in the light, lapis lazuli resembles the night sky.

Use it to promote intuition, calm frayed nerves, reduce anxiety or as a vision stone for dream magic.

Rose Quartz

Perhaps the romantic of all gemstones, rose quartz symbolizes love and affection.  

Modern spellcrafters often include small pieces of rose quartz in love sachets and love potions.

Rose quartz is thought to be especially powerful in attraction magick when used in combination with vanilla and/or rose petals.

Clear Quartz

Considered an all-purpose gemstone in modern magick, clear quartz is perfect for powering up any spell.

Place it on your working altar as a permanent feature.  

Or, use it for cleansing and absorbing negative energy.  Be sure to cleanse it between uses for this purpose!


A favorite among magickal practitioners, moonstone symbolizes the lunar cycles.

Charge it under the full moonlight and use it during any moon ritual to infuse your spell work with the majesty and power of the night sky’s most prominent celestial wonder.

Tiger’s Eye

As the name implies, the tiger’s eye is best known for its fiercely protective qualities and its power to enhance confidence.

Carry it to a difficult meeting at work or any time you’re feeling less-than-ferocious at a time when you need to be.


Amazonite promotes balance, harmony, and creative insight.

Use this stone to enhance your creative process, heal from emotional disruption, or create a sense of peace in the home or workplace.


Turquoise is a stone of self-expression and creative thought.

It’s perfect for use in spells to inspire artistic insight.

It’s also great to unblock inhibition and need to say what’s on your mind when you need to speak freely.


Rich, deep-green malachite is associated with success, adventure, and the Element of Earth.

Many people add this stunningly colorful stone to spell bags for travel or use in rituals to promote success.


Hematite is a classic protection stone.  Wear it to block negativity, deflect unwanted people, and maintain your composure when you’re feeling attacked.


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