Celebrate the Flower Moon: Ideas, Recipes & Crafts

Flower moon celebration ideas. Beautiful crafts and recipes for your spring moon magical practice.

The May moon is sometimes called the “flower moon.”  In modern magic, it’s a time to celebrate the spectacular beauty of spring gardens and the dark allure of nocturnal life coming alive.

Today, we’ll show you some creative ways to celebrate the flower moon.  Nourish your witchy spirit with these soul-inspiring ideas to embrace the natural splendor of the season.

What is the Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon is the full lunar cycle during May.  In a general sense, the term Flower Moon usually refers specifically to the full moon stage of the cycle.  However, its unique seasonal energy may be all month long at various stages.

Dark Flower Moon

During this moon, the dark phase is best used for magic intended to awaken dormant energies within you.  

For example, if you’d like to renew your interest in an old hobby, this is the ideal time to restart your practice and build on old skill sets.

Just as Earth awakens from its winter sleep at this time, the fruit of your experience may be harnessed to generate momentum for new aspirations and goals.

You may also consider divination or tarot spreads to clear away psychic grime and make way for a fresh mindset.  (Try this Spring Clean Your Soul Tarot Spread during this dark moon).

Waxing Flower Moon

The waxing May moon is the perfect time to indulge in meditation work.  

Consider using a flower as your focal point.  Close your eyes and imagine it from bud to full bloom as a metaphor for your potential energy coming to fruition.

Full Flower Moon

This full moon is a perfect time for beauty spells.  

Consider whipping up some homemade magical beauty products (try this spell cream for abundance) or indulge in a ritual bath to bring inner beauty to the service.

The full Flower Moon is also an excellent moon for abundance or success spells, fertility and romance.

Waning Flower Moon

We treasure fresh flowers because they fade.

During this waning moon cycle, reflect on what you’ve learned from faded youth, loss and struggle.  It’s a special time to appreciate the flowers that bloomed from all those old wounds.

How to Celebrate the Flower Moon

Try a flower spell.

Candle spell idea for the flower moon.

Keep it simple!  Carve a white candle with a simple, or word that represents something you’d like to eliminate from your life.

Pick something that is no longer serving you—a habit or a repetitive thought, for example.  

Then, surround a candle with some hand-gathered wildflowers or cuttings from your garden on the night of the full flower moon.  As the flowers fade, watch it disappear from your life naturally and easily.

Make flower moon cookies.

One of my favorite spring facts:  lots of flowers are edible.  Flowers make a beautiful garnish for baked goods, and flower moon cookies are the ultimate symbol of this magical spring moon.

This recipe for flower moon cookies is one of Moody Moon’s most popular posts this time of year!

Decorate your moon altar.

If you maintain a moon altar to honor the lunar cycles, have some fun with a flower theme this month.  Layer dried season flowers or vases of fresh cut flowers on the altar with candles, moonstone or seashells (seashells symbolize the moon cycles, especially during the warmer months).

Bury moonstone in your flower garden.

If you have an extra piece of moonstone lying around, bury a piece in your flower garden to bring luck & beauty into your life.  

Make a batch of flower tea.

Chamomile or lavender are both popular options for flower teas.

But you can also try rose, calendula flowers, or echinacea.  

Even better, experiment with all of them and come up with your own unique blend.

Flower moon celebration ideas. Beautiful crafts and recipes for your spring moon magical practice.

Ideas to celebrate the flower moon.

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