Sea Witch 101: A Crash Course In Ocean Magic

Self-paced online sea witch course.

Take a deep dive into the enchanted turquoise abyss of sea witchery and uncover the power of your inner ocean goddess.

Moody Moon’s course, Introduction to Sea Witch Magic, weaves together the wisdom of modern “mermaid magic” with traditional symbolism and concepts to help you custom create a practice that is uniquely yours.

From how to set up a sea witch altar to what to do with that shell collection that sits on the top shelf of your closet, this course covers everything you need to know to harness the power of the ocean.

Don’t just visit the sea.  Align yourself with the wildness of the water and benefit from its powers of healing, magic, and renewal.  

Sea Witch Magic:  An Online Introduction

Like all the courses offered by Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts, this course is:

Self-paced.  Take your time, and work within your schedule.

-Elegant.  Our courses offer visually pleasing, cleanly produced content.

Balanced.  Not just video lectures!  This course takes a holistic approach to learning with flashcards, quizzes, and suggested activities.

Thoughtful.  We design courses that promote wisdom and growth in your personal practice, encouraging you to come up with your own ideas instead of just telling you what to think.

Making Magic with the Ocean

In our latest course, will learn:

To build a relationship with the ocean through magic.  Learn to work with the dominant elements of the sea to ignite your spellcraft.

Water-based meditation.  Indulge in a sense of peace and solitude with an exclusive, guided ocean meditation to help focus your intentions.   It takes five minutes and makes the rest of your day calmer and more mindful.

Find meaning in your tools.  Learn to work with simple gifts from the wilderness, like sand, seashells, and seaweed, to build a nature-based practice.

Curate your sea witch altar.  Choose items for your altar that promote the quiet beauty of nature in your home.

Spirits of the ocean.  Learn how the universal archetypes of the ocean embody its spirit, mystery, and power.

Ocean magic for everyone.

If you live near a coastline, lucky you!  This class will help you to make the most of your seaside landscape.

But for the inlanders, sea witchery offers a way to stay connected to the magical and therapeutic benefits of wild water.

We are all born of the ocean.  Consciously staying in touch with this essential part of our nature and of life keeps us close to our own inner wildness.

New to witchcraft?  No worries.  

Spellcraft is both an art and a lifelong journey.

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts offers a variety of courses on everything from beginning witchcraft to tarot reading and even high priestess ordination. 

Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the Craft or you want to expand a well-established personal practice, we offer classes to cultivate a holistic, well-rounded approach to enchanted spirituality. 

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