Spring Clean Your Soul Tarot Spread

Spring clean your soul and get inspired for your next new beginning with this creative tarot spread!

As fresh flowers push their way through the earthly post-winter soil, the Wheel of the Year reminds us to renew our personal outlooks and sew the seeds of our future.

Break new ground in your life and throw this spread like scattering seeds on damp garden soil.

Thank you to Llewellyn publications for sending this beautiful review copy of The Ceccoli Tarot to feature in this article.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Choosing a Deck

If you only work with one deck, then draw from that one.  I encourage you to use what you have.

But if you work with a number of decks, pick one with artwork you find deeply imaginative or that inspires you to think “outside the box” of your winter habits.

Spring Moon Tarot Spread

Set the Mood

While we often think of tarot reading and divination as a nighttime ritual, for this spread, consider sitting outside on a pleasant day in the morning.  Early spring days awaken the senses and sweep clear the mind.

If you plan to burn loose incense, try rose, mint or lemon rind.  (Or brew any one of those into tea!)

Sit back, relax.  Then fan the deck, face down.  Take a deep breath (or several), allow your hands to float over the cards and pull five at random.

Seasons Passed (Top Left)

Look to this card for experiences, feelings, unfinished projects or relationships of the past winter you need to let go of.  Be open-minded to surprises.

We very often unconsciously continue down a path that no longer leads anywhere simply out of habit or fear of change.

For example, drawing The Chariot here might symbolize a struggle with control issues, or drawing the Ace of Wands might imply an overdeveloped talent with diminishing returns.

Once you identify the dying or dead ends in your life, actively find ways to let go.  Try a mind/body style workout, get a deep tissue massage or commit to starting your day with a ritual to clear emotional blockages.

The Seeds of Renewal (Top Middle)

This card represents the steps best taken to sew the seeds of a new beginning.  As you look at this card, reflect on a new project or relationship you want to nurture in the coming months.

Look for clues in this card about a new skill hovering or idea in your peripheral vision and bring it to your conscious awareness for further consideration.

Summer Blossoms (Top Right)

The card here symbolizes your efforts in the last position and the fruits they will bear in the coming months.

Take moment to think about the ways in which your path will shape its way towards summer, and what you can do now to take it in the direction you want to go.

Most importantly, expect some twists and turns along the way!

Beneath the Earth (Bottom Left)

Ever gone digging around in the dirt this time of year?  Scratch an inch under the surface of the ground, and you discover the wilderness rumbling beneath the earth.

This is a perfect metaphor for the mind and soul.  Always, something deeper rumbles beneath the surface of our everyday thinking.

Drawing the Lovers might indicate a love interest unnoticed.  Or, perhaps the 3 of Swords points to a betrayal not yet revealed.

The Awakening (Bottom Right)

The card that lands here represents a coming revelation.

Every season comes with change, and with change, a shift in our worldviews.  Sometimes, the epiphany is as subtle as learning a new herb to work with.  Sometimes, it’s as life-changing as giving birth.

Whatever the coming shift, meditate on this card for ways to make the most of unexpected turning points this spring.

Blessed be.




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