How to Use Corn in Spells & Magic

The sacred meaning of corn in spells and magic.

In the autumn months, cornfields are a centerpiece of fireside storytelling North America.

From classic horror films to folktales, cornfields continue to inspire the darkest corners of our imagination.

And yet corn is a source of nourishment, a classic item on the cornocopian tables of autumn around which we gather to be with family and friends.

During the fall months, corn is a traditional spell componant in rituals for abundance, harmony, and family and community ties.

Incorporate corn into spells & magic during the autumn months using one of these creative ideas.

Popcorn Manifestation Spell

Write your spell intention on an airtight glass jar and fill it with popcorn.

Leave it out under the full moon.

Then, pop the popcorn to “manifest” your spell intention.

This one is fun to do with kids!

Nourish Your Soul

Corn is a source of nourishment, not only for your body, but your soul.

Use corn in spells & magic to fascilitate growth, especially professional growth.

For example, add a few corn kernals to a spell bag for career success.

Abundance Spells

In magic, the many seeds on a corn cob symbolize abundance. 

Use corn kernels in spells for success and plenty.

Autumn Moon Altars

During the harvest season, place jars of corn kernels on the altar to represent the bounty of fall, and to welcome the spirit of generosity into your sacred space.

To Pass Messages to Those Beyond the Veil

This is the season to experience the eerie, disorienting feeling of standing in the middle of an autumn cornfield.

Go find one and get lost in it.

A cornfield is kind of twilight zone.  Consider the Veil Between Worlds thin here, and use your time alone in cornfield to meditate on those loved ones who have crossed over.

As a Symbol of Community Ties

Burn dry corn husks in the ritual fire during autumn moon circles to symbolize community & sisterhood.

Or, try braiding corn husks as a group activity for Mabon or Samhain and “weave together” your energies.  Braided corn husks make great talisman to take home and put on the altar as a reminder of the love & support you receive from like-minded friends.

Make a corn husk broom.

There’s a reason fall displays so often include dried corn.

It’s the perfect symbol of hearth & home during the autumn months.

Try making a corn husk broom to put outside with your doorstep decorations for autumn and “guard” your entryway from negative energy.

Corn Husk Dolls

Speaking of crafts, try making a corn husk doll!

While corn husk dolls have a sacred meaning to many modern magical traditions, this one is so mainstream, even Martha Stewart has a tutorial.

Corn husk dolls are sometimes used in spells for protection of the home and family.

In Kitchen Witchery

Use corn in kitchen witch recipes to cultivate unity, harmony and cooperation in your family, especially during the autumn months.

Corn is a symbol of togetherness and is a perfect addition to your harvest table to inspire bonding.

Cornfields are a symbol of abundance, harmony and the mystery of the unseen world.  Learn their sacred place in spells and magic.

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