Grounding & Centering: A Beginner’s Guide

Grounding & centering for your magical practice: What it is, when to do it, and how to get it done.

Grounding & centering are foundational practices for spiritual wellness.  

Yet it’s often overlooked and undervalued.  We talk a lot about ritual cleansing, mindfulness, and creative spell craft. 

But grounding is literally an afterthought.  Something you do when everything else is done.

So today, we’re giving grounding & centering their due.  Let’s get into it.

What does it mean to ground & center?

Grounding is simply the act of shifting your focus from the spiritual world to the solidly physical one.

Now, you might think to yourself, “What’s wrong with staying in a spiritual state?  Isn’t life a spiritual state?” 

And the answer is yes, of course.

But life is also a balance—between what you do in the mundane world and how you exercise your spiritual awareness.  Staying for too long in one of these realms almost assures the neglect of the other.

For this reason, the act of grounding & centering is especially useful after you’ve been in a highly spiritual state.

Some examples of when it’s best to ground include:

-After a period of grief or mourning

-Following a ritual.

-When waking from a disturbing dream.

-If you’re finding it difficult not to succumb to your fears or emotions.

-After an intense meditation.

-If you’re confronting some difficult realities, such as after a therapy session.

There are many, many other times when grounding may be beneficial.  You may even want to consider adding it to your morning ritual.   

3 Simple Ways to Get Grounded

There are many creative ways to try grounding & centering.  But the following are simple and can be done anytime.

Try earthing.

OMG Remember how amazing it felt when you were a kid?  To kick your shoes off and wiggle your toes in the grass?

This very natural, child-like instinct has a name.  It’s called earthing.  And it’s as easy as it sounds.

For more on this amazing, totally free way to get grounded, check out Earthing:  The Green Witch’s Guide to Getting Grounded.

Put your hands in the dirt.

Go outside and find a way to get your hands in the dirt.

Chances are, you have an area of your yard that needs tending.

(And if you’re an apartment witch, spend some time caring for the plants on your balcony or the herb garden on your kitchen window sill).

Getting your hands in dirt is an incredibly powerful way to reconnect to the Element of Earth.

Hands & tailbone to the floor.

Can’t get outside right now?  Try this.

Sit on the floor in a cross-legged style.  Place both hands on the floor on either side of you.  Make sure they are far enough away from your body that you can press your shoulders away from your ears.

Now, firmly press your hands into the floor.  Make sure you apply even pressure on the whole hand, focusing on each individual joint in your fingers as well as the center of your palms.

“Zip up” your lower belly, and sit up tall.   Imagine the base of your spine sprouting roots like the roots of a tree into the ground.  Imagine those roots shooting through the floor into the Earth below the building you’re in, then deep into the Earth.  Take several slow, deep breaths here.

Ahhhh . . . . Feel better?

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts offers online courses in magical herbalism, beginning witchcraft, potion making and more! 

Get grounded! Grounding & centering is an essential spiritual tool in your magical arsenal. Master it and experience the benefits to staying connected to the element of earth.


  1. Once again I’m so happy that I discovered you! I love everything you share here. And I’m loving what I learn, adding to what I already know. Much appreciated ❤️🖤

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