Psychic Attack: What It Is & What To Do

Despite the dramatic name and the theatrical portrayals in fictional movies, a psychic attack is far more often mundane meanness than paranormal or supernatural.

In fact, if you’ve attended a high school anywhere in the world, or have ever been cold-shouldered by a jealous colleague right before a big presentation, you’re very likely all too familiar with the feeling that someone is silently hostile towards you.

What is psychic attack?

psychic attack is the silent, energetic intention of another person to thwart your best efforts.  This often takes the form of manipulation, covert sabotage or quietly undermining you in ways you cannot counter directly.

Sometimes, our imaginations and insecurities have gotten the best of us.  

Or sometimes—-if we’re being honest with ourselves, anyway—we’ve done something to warrant this hostility.  And in that case, you may just have to ride out your karma.

But occasionally, you just run into a garden-variety mean girl.  Someone who not only dislikes you, but actively wants to sabotage you in some way, for reasons that are out of your control.  Maybe she’s jealous.  Maybe she doesn’t like that you got the job she wanted.  Maybe you just remind her of someone else she doesn’t like.

Whatever the reason, the best way to deal with this is to put up a strong defense.  Here’s a few to tried-and-true magical methods.

Try banishing.

First and foremost, when dealing with someone like this, do not engage them directly.  Resist this temptation at all costs.  Engaging a person with negative psychic energy will only draw you into their cycle of negativity.  

Try using one of these banishing herbs to send their energy (and, with any luck, them) on their way.

Energy clearing.

Often, when we’re dealing with a toxic person,  that toxicity infects our own psychic field. 

This poisonous energy creates a sense of insecurity, causing us to second-guess ourselves and make poor decisions that play right into the hands of the attacker. 

Try an energy clearing to remove mental barriers and act confidently.

Protection magic.

After love and money spells, protection magic is perhaps the most common form of spellcraft.

And it can be very useful in situations involving psychic attack. 

Try something simple, like carrying a piece of tiger’s eye with you or whipping up a batch of black salt to block bad vibes before they get to you.

Success Spells

When dealing with a psychic attack, the worst thing you can do is shrink your energy by allowing yourself to get small, petty, or mean. 

Instead, have a growth mindset.

Focus on your own success.  Allow your light to respond to dark energy by growing brighter.

Try this simple spell for success.  During the waxing moon, gather a few pennies, some dried or fresh mint leaves, and a green candle.  Write the word success on a piece of paper.  Fold the pennies and the mint into the paper, and then “glue” the paper by dripping some hot green wax on it to seal it.  Bury it in the garden and redirect your focus on self-improvement.

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Are you dealing with a toxic mean girl?  Here are some ways to thwart psychic attack.

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