Are You Ready to Be a High Priestess?

6 Signs You're Ready to Be a High Priestess

 Think you’re ready to be a high priestess?  Taking on a leadership role in your coven is a huge responsibility.  But it’s also fun, exciting, and deeply rewarding.  

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting your own coven, or you’ve been asked to lead an existing one, consider the following signs to help you decide if you’re really ready.

(And if you’re interested in building a rock-solid foundation for coven leadership, check out Moody Moons’ course, High Priestess Certification).

 6 signs you’re ready to be a high priestess.

The following are some general guidelines to help you assess honestly whether you’re ready to “head the hive.”

You needn’t have all these qualities, but missing more than one or two is a red flag that you may have some work to do.  Diving into the deep end without being ready isn’t necessarily a sign you’ll fail, but you’ll need to learn how to swim quickly to avoid finding yourself in over your head.

#1  You’re the wheel, not the spoke.

When it comes to your social circle, you’re the wheel, not the spoke.  Meaning that you don’t just attend events, functions, or festivals, you’re actively involved in helping to host, organize or facilitate them.

Being a high priestess is, among many other things, about social structures and social intelligence.

If you’ve never hosted a Sabbat or even a Samhain party, getting some practice with events like these will help you exponentially.

#2 You’re not a control freak.

You’re able to “let go and let others.”

The line between organized and control freak is a fine one.

But if you’re not able to loosen your grip on the reins and let other people take charge of minor tasks, you’ll never build a solid community.  Being a leader is about getting other people to develop their strengths and abilities, and that has to include listening to them and including their ideas.

#3 You have a solid grasp of the basics of your tradition.

You understand that learning is a life-long process, and you’ve got plenty you want to know more about.

But you’re way past the Witchcraft-101-type books, to the point that you find them boring and repetitive.

For example, if you’re leading a Wiccan group, people will expect you to know the difference between Quarter and Cross-Quarter holidays, and have a basic knowledge of metaphysical herbalism.

If you’re not fluent in the vocabulary of modern magic, consider taking a crash course in Witchcraft 101 to make sure you’re solid.

#4  You know the laws governing clergy in your jurisdiction.

Do you know how to perform a handfasting that results in a legal marriage?

As clergy, are you a required reporter?  Do you know what a required reporter is?  

What are your legal responsibilities as clergy?   How prepared are you to honor them meticulously?

#5  People like & trust you.

This one is very hard to self-evaluate.  We all want to believe we are well-liked and accepted.

It’s also okay to acknowledge that, due to mental health problems, social limitations, or other difficulties, you’re not where you need to be in order to lead others.  It doesn’t mean you will never get there.  

But ask yourself, honestly:  Am I often involved in a lot of drama?  Do I struggle with resisting the temptation to gossip?  Have I had a major falling out with more than one friend in the last year?  

Admitting that you’re not necessarily socially stable right now is not the same thing as admitting it’s all your fault.  

But recognizing it and waiting until you are in a good place will save you a lot of heartache.

#6 You walk the walk.

A good high priestess is an example of the values she professes.

Of course, those values vary a lot based on tradition.

But if, for example, you promote a nature-based tradition, and you’re not actively trying (in whatever ways) to protect the environment, someone will eventually call you out on that.

Or, if you want to cultivate positive relationships among women, but you’re always jealous of other successful women, that will show through no matter how you try to hide it.

In order to be truly ready to be a high priestess, you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

Thinking about the role of high priestess in your coven or moon circle? Here are some clear signs you're ready (or not).

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