How to Channel Negative Energy Into Positive Magic

Use your magical practice to channel negative energy into positive change in your life. Here's how.

Don’t fight negative energy!  Learn to use it as a potent source of power to fuel positive changes in your life.

When it comes to icky vibes, it’s easy to let them drag you into self-destructive behavior.

But your hard-to-handle emotions are actually really powerful tools in developing a stronger, more energized approach to life.

Let’s take a look at how you can channel negative energy into your magic to promote positive change.

Use anger to raise power.

Are you really, really mad about something?  You can let that eat away at you.

Or you can use it to turbo charge power raising in your rituals.

Anger is among the most potent forms of emotional energy.  The key is to focus your rage outward toward a magical goal that is productive rather than destructive.

Try this meditation for power building.

Take a red candle and carve a goal into the wax.  This might be “get a new job,” “write a book” or “move to a new city.”

Sit in a quiet space and light the candle.  Breathe deeply.  With each inhale, allow your anger to rise up from deep inside you, collecting at your throat/voice box.

When you feel your emotions peaking, exhale with a scream (no need to hold back, your neighbors already think you’re weird) and extinguish the candle, blowing your intentions into the universe as you would scatter dandelion seeds.

Channel sadness into art magic.

Psychologists are only recently uncovering what artists have known for centuries:  sadness is fertile ground for creativity.

Use your sadness to make powerful art magic.

Try mixing a few tears into some homemade paint potion and create something beautiful with it to soothe your soul.

Use loneliness to fuel introspection.

Even if you’re surrounded by people, occasional loneliness is normal.

Take advantage of this feeling to empower your divination practice.

The solitude and quiet reflection that accompanies loneliness are perfect conditions to excel at the art of divination.

So dust off your tarot cards or try making your own divination mirror.

Harness anxiety to push through a rut.

I don’t know about you, but for me, anxiety is one of the most annoying, seemingly inescapable experiences.

But it’s also the perfect antidote for stagnation.

If you’ve felt stuck in life and it’s time for a change, use your anxiety to supercharge a transformation spell.

Try a spell that requires you to do something fidgety with your hands—for example, hand-sewing a spell poppet or spell sachet.

Stuff the poppet with herbs for new beginnings.  Dried mint and lemon peel are especially effective.

Use tension in releasing magic.

It seems counterintuitive, but the more tension you have in your body, the more potential energy you have to use in releasing or relaxing magic.

Have you ever done that meditation exercise where you tense up your muscles on purpose in order to relax them?

This is the exact same principle at work.

Draw a ritual bath and add a relaxing essential oil (like lavender).

Then, instead of trying to “relax” (which is harder than it sounds) think more about giving away the energy that is tensing your muscles to a higher goal.

When you drain the tub, imagine the tension going down the drain with the water.  Imagine it returning to the natural water cycle, working on your behalf in the natural world to help you achieve your objectives.

Channel your ickiest vibes into positive life changes using the power of spell craft.

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  1. Thank you so much for your spot on advice. I truly enjoy reading the different subjects and honest advice that you so readily give. To me you seem like a happy, straight forward bad — witch. Kudo’s to you 👍👍

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