DIY Scrying Mirror Tutorial

How to make your own scrying mirror from an old picture frame. Such a fun and easy upcycle project!

DIY scrying mirrors are easy and fun to make yourself.  This tutorial walks you through how to make a scrying mirror and how to use one (even if you’re a total beginner!).

What is a scrying mirror?

Scrying is a form of divination.  It involves peering into a medium (such as a scrying mirror, crystal ball or a bowl of black water) to induce visions and gain insight into the spirit realm.

The art of scrying appears throughout history and the world.

For example, Hebrew Bible refers to scrying in the Book of Genesis.  In it, the story of Joseph mentions a silver chalice used for divination.  (Actually, the Bible contains a surprising number of references to divination and black magic—not all of them unfavorably).

A scrying mirror is a special mirror intended for this purpose.  Comprised of a piece of black glass (or sometimes, a flat piece of dark gemstone, like obsidian), these special mirrors appear in European folklore and even modern pop culture.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”  Sound familiar?

Making scrying mirrors & how to choose a frame.

Occult shops and boutiques often charge a premium for divination tools.

But DIY scrying mirrors are so inexpensive and easy to make.

Transform an old picture frame into a magic mirror.

I always look for ornate frames like the one pictured above on my witchy trips to thrift stores because they make fantastic scrying mirrors and you can express your creativity in your frame choice.

If you’re a young, funky, urban apartment witch, pick a chic mid-Century mod frame.  If you’re of the old-world aesthetic, choose something more traditional.  

Either way, make sure the glass in the frame is scratch-free!  Even small scratches really stand out during scrying, so look closely at the surface for blemishes.

Stuff you will need for a DIY scrying mirror.


-black acrylic paint 


-window cleaner or isopropyl alcohol

-microfiber cloth or lens cloth

Step 1

Turn over the picture frame.  Use your fingers or a butter knife to pry back the metal thingies that keep the backing in place and remove the back.

How to make your own scrying mirror from an old thrift store picture frame.

Step 2

Remove the glass.  Give it a good clean with your glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and the lens cloth.  Really get in there.  You don’t want to trap any specks of dirt in between the glass and the paint.

Step 3

Witchy upcycle: DIY scrying frame for beginners.

Paint the back of the mirror with black acrylic paint.  

You will need to paint several layers.  Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely before adding a new layer.  (I usually wait about 2-3 hours between coats to make certain).  

Do not skip the drying step!  If it isn’t totally dry, it will do this weird clumping/smearing thing that’s hard to fix.

Step 4

Once the paint is completely dry, reassemble the frame with the newly painted glass in it.

Make sure the painted side is facing towards the back, and the unpainted side is facing out front.

Use your glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth to clean the front of the scrying mirror, not the painted side.

How to use a magic mirror.

Gather your mirror, a candle, and a lighter or matches.

On the night of the dark moon, find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and light the candle, placing it between you and the scrying mirror.

Turn the lights off.

Stare into the mirror and allow your eyes to lose focus.

It can take 5 minutes or 2 hours, but generally, the more you practice, the quicker visions appear.

Don’t get discouraged if nothing happens during your first few sessions!

Remember, some people spend a lifetime learning divination techniques, so be patient with yourself.

Bonus tips.

As you become more advanced in your practice, consider any of the following modifications to your scrying sessions.

-Try using it in conjunction with your tarot cards.  Draw a tarot card and concentrate on its meaning as you stare into the mirror to give yourself a mental focal point.

-Consider taking a ritual bath before scrying sessions to remove psychic gunk, especially if you’re struggling with your clairvoyance.  

-Use the thinning of the Veil Between Worlds during Litha and Samhain for special sessions or to see deep insight.

-If you are familiar with how to properly use vision herbs, you can incorporate these into your divination sessions for enhanced sessions.

DIY scrying mirror tutorial. Scrying mirrors and divination tools are super expensive in occult shops and magical boutiques, But they're easy and cheap to make!


  1. lol I didn’t know that it was mentioned in the book of Genesis. Very interesting.

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