5 Tips for When Your Spells Aren’t Working

Are your magic spells not working? In this article, we take a look at some of the things that might be tripping up your broomstick.

When your spells aren’t working, it’s easy to get frustrated, give up or doubt your abilities.  

But magic is really a spiritual discipline and the lessons that it teaches you when your spells aren’t working are at least as important and valuable as the ones you learn through successful spell casting.

So today, we’re going to talk about what to do and think about when you just can’t seem to get your broomstick headed in the right direction.

How do you know your spell isn’t working?

Start with this fundamental question.  

Is your spell really not working, or is it just not working the way you want it to?

For example, you cast a money spell and $100 bills aren’t suddenly growing on the tree in your backyard.  But you just got a job offer that pays 20% more than your current salary.   Is your spell really not working? 

Or did you just decide that you’d rather not commute an extra 30 minutes a day?

If it’s the second one, then your spell is working, and magic is teaching you a lesson:  Money isn’t everything, and you just learned what you aren’t willing to do for it.  That’s a good thing to know about yourself.

Are you supporting your work in the mundane world?

You can throw all the fairy dust you want to at a problem, but if you don’t do the heavy lifting to support your spell in the mundane world, you’re wasting your efforts (and your fairy dust).

This is among the most common witchcraft mistakes.

It’s not that magic will never work if you take this approach.  But it’s much less effective.  Kind of like trying to lose weight by working out but not changing your diet.

Does this feel like a bad idea?

Modern spell craft is very much about focusing your intentions.  In order for this approach to be effective, those intentions must be clear, purposeful, and whole-hearted.

That last one is important.

If you have cast a spell that, in your core, you don’t feel exactly right about, that may be your problem.

To be clear, I don’t really think there are many spells that are inherently immoral or wrong.  But there are situations where a particular magical approach might be wrong for you.  

For example, if you cast a love spell to bring back an ex, there’s an excellent chance that person left your life for a reason.  And your subconscious, or the universe, or whomever you want to hold responsible, knows that.

So when you cast a spell with that deep, wiser knowledge that it’s not a good idea, it’s kind of like firing a gun with no bullets.

Try a different approach.

If none of the above apply to you, consider trying a different approach.

For example, instead of using a spell poppet for a love spell, consider experimenting with love spell cookies or potion magic.

Sometimes, reaching your magical goals is simply a matter of changing strategies.

What it probably isn’t.

A lot of people, especially beginners, think their spells aren’t working because they did something “wrong” in the sequence or process of casting the spell itself.

Like using nutmeg instead of cinnamon.  Or saying the incantation wrong, or not saying it enough times.

Unless you’re experimenting with reconstructionism, historical spells, or something very culturally specific, modern witchcraft can’t really be done wrong.

Meaning that the tools you use, the order you do things, and the conditions you do them under are all intended to create a frame of mind, 

A spell is more like a recipe than a science experiment.  It’s fine to swap out ingredients, change the order you cut the vegetables or use a mixing bowl instead of a serving dish.  

You still end up with the same meal.

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Magic spells not working?  Take a look at some of these ideas to get your broomstick off the ground.

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