5 Steps to Successful Spell Casting

Successful spell casting begins with the basics.

Use the steps below as an outline to design powerful, effective spells.

Step #1: Set a clear intention.

The whole point of spellcraft comes down to using your intentions to shape the energy in your life and create change.

But if your intentions are all squishy and ambiguous, the results of your spell almost certainly mimic this lack of clarity.

Before you even begin planning your spell, make sure you know what you want to achieve.

Struggling?  Try writing it down in your book of shadows.

If you can’t sum it up in a single sentence, your spell lacks clarity.

Step #2: Decide when to time your spell.

Select a time to do your spell that vibrates with meaning.

Of course, the full moon is a classic time to do spell work.  But you need not be so traditional.

Interested in casting a love spell?  Try Valentine’s Day or Midsummer’s Eve.

Want a fresh start?  Cast a spell for renewal on your birthday.

Step #3:  Choose elements appropriate to your intention.

Select spell ingredients, procedures and/or tools with meaning to you.

If roses evoke a sense of romance and allure for you, then it makes sense to incorporate them into a love spell.

But if they remind you of your abusive ex, it makes no sense at all, no matter what the spell books say.

If you feel stuck, try stream-of-consciousness writing, sometimes known as brainstorming.  

Write your spell intention on a piece of paper.  Time yourself for 60 seconds, and think of as many things as you can that remind you of your spell’s objective.  Don’t edit yourself or worry about how you will incorporate these ideas into your spell.  Just give yourself permission to come up with ideas freely.  Here’s an example.

“Home blessing”

white candles * the smell of homemade soup * lots of blankets * cast iron cauldron * a wreath on the door * friends and family * holidays *cinnamon *gardening * moonstone

The above is an example of some brainstorming I did for a house blessing ritual.

From here, I can think of dozens of ways to bless my home using one or more of the above elements.  A few that come to mind:

-A blanket anointed with cinnamon oil.

-A wreath made with ritual intention and adorned with herbs from the garden.

Kitchen witch recipes that incorporate soup and cauldrons.

You get the idea.

Step 4:  Outline your procedure.

Decide how you will perform your ritual.

You needn’t be too specific.  Or, you can get really detailed.  Most witches prefer either clarity or spontaneity in their spell casting, but either one or some combination of both is fine.

Just know enough about what you want to do to feel confident.

Step 5:  Follow through.

To get the benefits of a spell, you actually have to cast it.

To be honest, this is the part that usually gets me stuck!  I have a million spell ideas, and only so much time and energy to use them.

Your struggles are likely your own when it comes to spell work.

It helps to set a date (see Step #2) and actually put it on your calendar or write it down somewhere.

I also find that fighting the urge to procrastinate prevents you from shrugging it off when it comes time to cast.  Gather your spell elements ahead of time and prepare well before the date arrives so you feel ready, committed and sure of yourself.

Step 6:  Don’t forget to do the work.

Casting a spell without following through in the mundane world is like dieting without exercise.

You might make progress, but the combination is infinitely more effective.

If you cast a spell to find a new lover, you can’t very well expect to attract anyone into your life if you spend every Friday night on your sofa with Netflix.

After your spell work (or even better, before), really take some time to think about the steps you can take in your life to achieve your goals.  Think of magic as sails on a boat—it can point you in the right direction, but you have to put some wind behind them in order to get moving.

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6 Steps to Successful Spell Casting

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