Magical Uses of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is the undeniable staple of the yoga-loving, good-vibe feeling, kinda-crunchy crowd.

If you’ve never seen a ginormous chunk of the stuff glowing on a friend’s bedroom dresser, you . . . don’t know any hippies.

And who can blame them?

It’s easy to find and it’s lovely. 

Let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate this sherbert-colored mineral into your magical practice.

To promote self-love.

Feeling less than your amazing, beautiful, fascinating self?

The soft, warm color and vibrations of Himalayan pink salt helps to restore a sense of self-love.

If you struggle with low self-image or are trying to rebuild your confidence after an emotional blow, keep it near the mirror you use most before you go out.

As a substitute for rose quartz.

Trying to work a spell that calls for rose quartz but your gemstone drawer came up short?

In a pinch, this mineral makes an excellent substitute for rose quartz.

With a similar energetic signature, it’s a particularly great addition to love and attraction spells.

On the home altar.

If you maintain a home altar, Himalayan pink salt is a classic addition to your sacred space.

Place it near a statue of Aphrodite to draw love into your life, or near the threshold to bless those who cross it.

To ground and center.

Mined from the mountain ranges in the Pakistani Himalayas, this mineral has a deep, ancient connection to the element of earth.

Use this association to ground and center by focusing on a piece of pink salt after a ritual or meditation.

Kitchen witchery.

Not too long ago, finding pink salt meant going to a fancy health food store.

These days, your local commercial grocer likely carries it in the salt section.

Try this coarsely ground salt in your kitchen witch dishes for added metaphysical benefits.

Perfect for a date night meal to promote loving energy.

Near your yoga mat.

Put pink salt near your yoga mat to help you stay focused and rooted to the Earth.

Imagine a light pouring out of your heart center and connecting to your piece of pink salt, warming your emotions and calming your mind.

Magical house cleaning.

Need to dispel icky energies from your home?

Sprinkle roughly ground pink salt on the floor and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

During that time, consider playing healing music or burning some incense.

Sweep up the salt and discard it to clear your home or space of negative energy.


In particular, pink salt is associated with the protection of the home.

Place it on the bedroom dresser, near a window or next to the front door to create a barrier of love between your walls and the outside world.

Let go of a toxic relationship.

Distancing yourself from a toxic relationship, especially one that’s been going on for a while, is a serious emotional undertaking.  

You need all the spiritual support you can get.

In many ways, a toxic relationship is a spiritual imbalance.

Pink salt helps to restore that balance and helps you to see things from a clear perspective.

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