Magical Myrrh: 9 Ways to Use It in Witchcraft

The magic of myrrh: How to use it in spell craft.

The ancients prized myrrh for its mystical properties and rich, beautiful aroma.

Sweet smelling and rare, traders valued myrrh as a commodity literally worth its weight in gold. 

While the garden goes dormant during the cooler months, take the opportunity to shift your focus to discover and deepen your relationship with this magical resin.

From banishing and exorcisms to honoring the goddess, Isis, learn to work with this sacred staple of the witch’s cabinet.

How to use myrrh in spell craft and witchcraft

How to use myrrh in witchcraft 9 ways.

What is the spiritual significance of myrrh?

Ancient societies considered myrrh spiritually significance in death rituals, healing magic and as a precious temple incense.

The Egyptians included it in their embalming process and regarded it as one of the 7 Sacred Oils.

In modern witchcraft, this resin is especially associated with the Winter Solstice, exorcism and baby blessings.

In baby blessings.

Myrrh is a traditional gift to new mothers.

Burn myrrh during a baby blessing to welcome a new little witchlet into the world.

Or, include it in a gift basket for the new mom in your moon circle. 

During exorcisms.

If the first image of an “exorcism” that pops into your head involves a vomiting prepubescent girl with her head twisted in the wrong direction, consider the broader meaning of the word.

In this context, “exorcism” means any ritual intended to dispel negative energy or malevoyant spirits.

So, for example, if you conduct a paranormal investigation and think a trapped or angry spirit dwells there, consider burning myrrh as a polite way to encourage it to move on its way.

As an offering to the goddess, Isis.

The ancient altars of Isis smoked with the burnt offering of myrrh.  

If you work with her in your practice, burn myrrh on a charcoal disk to honor this Egyptian goddess.

During your Yule ritual.

Combine myrrh with frankincense for a traditional Winter Solstice incense blend.

Simply mix 1 equal part each and burn it on a charcoal disk or toss it in a wood-burning fire and bring the Yule season to life.

During funerary rites.

If you recently lost a loved one, consider incorporating myrrh into the death ritual when appropriate.

Tuck a small pouch into the casket or scatter it with cremated ashes to heal grief and send your loved one’s spirit to the other side of the Veil in peace.

To heal spiritual or emotional wounds.

Resin is almost literally the blood of wounded tree.

Use myrrh to heal emotional wounds and brings spiritual balance into life after spiritual upheaval.

Burn it on a (affiliate link —->) charcoal disk during rituals for this purpose.

Celebrate your inner goddess.

One of the most expensive substances in the ancient world, myrrh is a historically luxurious resin.

Add myrrh essential oil to body oils for anointing yourself during rituals to evoke your inner goddess.

To elevate your sacred space.

Burn myrrh to create sense of peace, serenity and connection to the divine.

Particularly when casting a circle, and especially during the winter months, burning this resin helps to heighten spiritual awareness and chase away icky vibes.

Warm cold emotions.

This magical substances provides a sense of warmth and healing.

Think of it as a spiritual hot compress for the soul.

Use it during rituals and magic to dispel cold feelings and restore a feeling of mutual warmth in important relationships.

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