Blood Moon Tea Recipe

Blood moon tea recipe for rituals & Esbats.

Brew a batch of Blood Moon tea this October full moon to honor the Samhain lunar cycle.

Brewed with hibiscus flowers, rose, cinnamon and orange peel, this garnet-colored, dramatic-looking tea makes a perfect drink to serve for an October coven gathering, a dumb supper or to enjoy during a quiet autumn solitary ritual.

Magical recipe for Samhain tea.

October Blood Moon Tea Recipe

What is the Blood Moon?

Although usually associated with the fullest phase, the Blood Moon encompasses the full lunar cycle of the month of October.

Also called the Hunter’s Moon, the Blood Moon is so named because October is considered hunting season in most temperate climates.

In many indigenous European cultures, the October hunt was considered a sacred time, as live game transitioned to death and provided meat.

The transition of life-to-death/seen-to-unseen is a key focus during the season of Samhain and the month of the Blood Moon.

Meaning of the Ingredients

Among the Craft-wise, the only thing more popular than cats is tea.  🙂

Ritual teas present a convenient medium for blending and brewing magical ingredients together to create an enchanted concotion.

You can think of tea as a kind of drinkable potion.   Choose appropriate ingredients for the season (or your spell) and serve it up to enhance the magical vibes of your sacred space.

In this tea, we incorporated ingredients specifically to honor the Blood Moon.


Hibiscus flowers enhance psychic awareness and promote heightened perception of the unseen forces of the universe.

During the Blood Moon and the weeks leading up to Samhain, the Veil Between Worlds thins, creating a gateway between this world and the world beyond.

We use hibiscus in this tea to provide clarity and insight during this sacred season.

Orange Peel

Orange is a classic autumn ingredient with many magical properties.

We use it here as a sun symbol to represent the hope of light even as it wanes during the coming dark months of the year.

Star Anise

The stars of the night sky fade and brighten according to the moon cycle.

During the Blood Moon of October, we honor the light of awareness of the world beyond our senses.

Star anise symbolizes this illumination of consciousness in the deep blackness of the universe.


The deep color of dried burgundy roses represents the blood of a warm heart beating in the cold weather of deep fall and winter.

As the Blood Moon approaches, we prepare our hearth and home to create a sense of life and warmth even as the land around us cycles into its decay phase.


A spice of high spiritual vibration, cinnamon wards off negative energy.

Because the October moon is a time of such high spiritual activity, we include cinnamon as a metaphysical guard dog to protect the practitioner from malevolent entities.

You Will Need:

-1 part sugar

-6 parts water

-4 parts dried hibiscus flower

-3 parts fresh orange peel

-2 part dried tea roses 

-2 part star anise

-1 part ground cinnamon


Boil sugar and water together over low heat, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved.

Stir in ground cinnamon until distributed evenly.

Add roses, orange peel, star anise, and dried hibiscus.

Strain through a tea strainer (if desired).

Happy Blood Moon!

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  1. Okay, you’ve got me on this one. Orange peel, hibiscus, and roses! I make a similar brew myself, and find it yummy and helps me connect deeper to my solar and heart chakras. Can’t wait to try it out with the star anise and cinnamon too. Thanks for this inspiring recipe. I love tea witchery and this one is so up my avenue.

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