10 Ways to Use Oranges in Wicca

Oranges can be used in spells and magic as a waning sun symbol, a catalyst for creativity and to welcome prosperity into your life.

Check out these creative ideas for using oranges in your practice and make the most of your fresh produce!

Pile them on the Litha altar.  

Valencia oranges in particular are associated with the high midsummer season, when they commonly come into harvest.  Place a few on the Midsummer altar for a bright, natural adornment.

Include in creativity magic.  

I love creativity spells, and there really aren’t enough of them.  

Dried orange peel is a perfect addition to a creativity sachet.

For example, try combining dry orange peel and coffee grounds to break through writer’s block.

Use as a sun symbol.  

Oranges are an obvious sun symbol.  Use them in sun magick and solar rites.

Leave dried orange peel by the bathroom sink.  

Or wherever you get ready in the morning.  Oranges have an energizing effect.  The bright hue and citrus flavor awakens the senses.

Use in spells for prosperity.  

Associated with abundance,  oranges make the perfect addition spells of monetary success.

Blend dried orange into ritual incense.  

Orange peel blend well with a variety of other scents, particularly spicy ones.

For example, oranges can be combined with cinnamon, allspice, and ginger.  

Decide on a theme for your sachet or incense, and experiment with one of orange’s compatible fragrances.

As a libation or as a substitute for ale.  

During the solar holidays, use orange, fill your chalice with orange juice to welcome the sun back at Yule, or bid him farewell on Midsummer.

Use for ritual cleansing.  

Combine a few drops of orange essential oil with a natural alcohol base like vodka, put it in a spray bottle, and spritz it over the altar for a lovely energy cleansing.

Make orange marmalade from scratch.    

For the kitchen witch, make some orange marmalade from scratch and bless it for joy.  

Orange’s mood-lifting properties make it a natural choice for happiness spells.  

Makes a perfect gift for a friend in need of a pick-me-up after a rough time!

Carve it like a Jack-O-Lantern 

Oranges can be carved and used as natural candle holders on the altar. 

Of course, a lot of people do this for Samhain, but I like to carve sun symbols and use them for the summer holidays. 

This tutorial shows you how.

Are you interested in magical herbalism?  Check out Moody Moons full-length course, Magical Herbalism For Beginners.  


  1. I did a spell with a orange to bring peace for too friends so the Gossip will stop. However the 3 day the orange was foaming top and bottom. So i rapped it up and threw it in the river.i just want to know why that happened it never happened before

    1. Seems like your spell was working, it had some sort of reaction to the things your friends were saying. I recommend burying the orange spell at the foot of a tree (make sure to ask the trees permission first) next time the tree will aid your spell and soothe the negative energy. I also recommend tethering your spell to a rose Quartz for love and changing negative thoughts to positive ones and incorporating coffee grounds in your spell for banishing negative thoughts. Blessed be.

  2. Why would someone hang a bag of sliced oranges on a bathroom door? My Why did this and she’s very defensive anytime anyone asks her a question of what she’s doing the strange things for. To the point of staying that we’re always trying to find a reason to be upset with her.

  3. I just made some blood orange marmalade today for my sisters! I didn’t know what it was supposed to symbolize but it made me think of happiness, love, and self healing (which were the intentions I was putting into it as I was cooking). I’m so excited to pass it along to them all.

    Great post!

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