Ocean Water Magic: 7 Witchy Ways to Use Sea Water

How to use ocean water in witchcraft and spells.

Did you bring some ocean water back from the beach this summer?

If you always make a point to gather seawater to take home from shoreside vacations, you probably already know its spiritual potency.

So, put it to use in your magical practice with these 7 Craft-y ideas.

To call on an ocean familiar.

If you identify with a particular creature of the sea in your Craft , use a symbol of that creature on your altar and splash it with ocean water to “bring it to life” magically.

For example, keep an octopus-shaped charm or statue on your altar and “feed” him with an occasional spritz of ocean water to develop a spiritual relationship with his essence.  

Here are some common associations:

Animal familiars from the ocean.

In potions for emotional balance and well-being.

Sea witch ritual mermaid oil for evoking the Element of Water.

In witchcraft, we associate the Element of Water with emotions.  Add ocean water to potions for restoring emotional balance after upheaval.  

Perfect for:

-Healing your heart after a difficult break-up.

-To end a period of hard mourning.

-After recovering from deep sadness or depression.

In ritual baths.

Especially ritual baths to honor goddesses associated with the sea (like this Aphrodite ritual bath for attraction).

A half a cup or so in enough to bring the energy of the ocean into your ritual bath and transform it from mundane to magical.

Spell jars.

Use seawater in spell jars like this sea witch wishing spell jar to bring the energy of the ocean.

(Just use a few drops to avoid disrupting the tiny ecosystem of terrarium-style spell jars like these!)

Doors and windows.

Anoint your doors and windows.

As we’ve pointed out seawater is especially effective at clearing negative energy associated with emotional turmoil.

So, when you want to clear your home of icky domestic vibes after a period of conflict or bickering between family members, open your windows and anoint the frames with ocean water to clear the air.

Consider cooking with it.

Sea witch recipe for abundance coconut shrimp with marmalade.

Not all ocean water is safe to use in cooking.

However, in many parts of the world, cooking with it is a normal practice.

So, if you live near a pristine body of saltwater, consider adding this novelty ingredient to a kitchen witch recipe.

(Perfect for this recipe for Sea Witch Abundance Coconut Shrimp).

Magical room sprays.

Fill an (affiliate link —->) vintage-inspired atomizer with some vodka, a few drops of essential oil (see this link for sea witch inspired blends) and a splash of ocean water.

Spray in your home or sacred space to clear negative energy and bring the magic of the sea indoors.

Cauldron brews.

If you regularly boil cauldron brews on your stove, try this one.

Fill a large pot with seawater.  Add a few drops each (affiliate links below):

*4 drops lemongrass essential oil

*4 drops spearmint essential oil

*8 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Enjoy the ensuing calm and tranquility it brings.

To extinguish ritual fires.

Seal a ritual by extinguishing your ritual fire with a bucket of ocean water.

Then, spend a few moments afterwards scrying into the steam or contemplating your experience.

Try to stay mindful and aware of the sensations—the hissing sound of the steam, the aroma of saltwater, the smoke rising into the atmosphere.

Beautiful, and so relaxing.

Need a cheat sheet?  Pin this one to your magical Pinterest board.

How to use ocean water for witchcraft, magic and spells.

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