DIY Fairy Door Magical Craft Project

Create a gateway to another world with this whimsical DIY fairy door.

Perfect for a rainy spring day indoors with your little witchlettes.

This craft project is that rare combination of easy and yet Etsy-worthy.  Using simple items foraged from your magical nature walks, your craft closet and even your herb garden, it’s a great way to turn everyday objects into something magical.

Which is my favorite way to be a witch.  🙂

DIY fairy door craft project. Easy, whimsical and beautiful.

Gorgeous handmade fairy door is a magical craft project for a rainy day.

Steps leading to a handmade fairy door for a fairy garden or fairy dollhouse.

Fairy door your way into another dimension.

I love making little fairy items and hiding them in tucked away parts of the house for my kids to find. 

They get so excited when they stumble on them randomly. 

Ask them to tell a story about the fairy that lives behind the door, or make some honey cakes and talk about the history of fairies.

And if you don’t have kids, consider working with fairy items as a metaphor for the woodland spirits during the spring and summer months.  It’s a fun way to incorporate a little faerie magick in to your practice—even if you don’t believe in faeries.

Things you will need.

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-Popsicle sticks

-Crafting paint.

-Hot glue gun and sticks.

Unfinished natural wood slices.


-Foraged sticks.

Sheet moss.

-Odds and ends for decorating (beads, pinecones, dollhouse wreath, whatever).

Step 1

Lay 5 popsicle sticks lengthwise together.  Make sure there are no gaps.

Place 2 sticks crosswise as picture below and glue the crosswise sticks in place.

Step 2

After the hot glue cools completely, paint the door.  I used several layers of different colors to achieve a more dimensional, textured look.  It’s okay to be sloppy!  I actually like it to be a little haphazard.  Looks a little more rustic that way.

Painting a DIY faerie door.

Painting a fairy door in layers.

Step 3

Glue the foraged sticks onto the part of the crosswise popsicle sticks that stick out.

I liked finding a piece that branched off at the top, which gives the door a more “nestled in the woods” look.

Keep adding sticks until the protruding popsicle sticks are completely covered.

Step 4  

Make the stairs.  Hot glue 2 pieces of natural wood slices on top of each other, slightly off center.  I like to use a slightly smaller one for the top step.

Using natural wood slices to make steps for a fairy door.

Hot glue the stairs to the door with an l-bracket.  You can drill the l-bracket into the stair, but I found it wasn’t necessary and it was way easier to just use glue  (See below).

Step 5

Add bits of sheet moss in the crevices of the sticks to hide any remaining popsicle stick that shows through.

You can also add pinecones, glitter, beads, whatever you want.

Step 6 

This is the fun part!  Use your imagination to decorate the door.

I made a wreath from a slice of an old paper towel roll, some natural twine and some dried lavender from the garden.  I used a large crafting bead for the door knob, and some old teardrop-shaped jewelry beads for the “hinges” on the door.

And voila!  

Tuck this adorable door in a small corner by the baseboards of your home so your kids can “discover” it.

Or add it to an altar to welcome the woodlands spirits into your home.

Or go all out and make a faerie-themed dollhouse for the little ones in your life!

Blessed be.

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  1. Faerie door projects like this are always so stinking cute! The GA Renn Fest had some beautiful clay doors this year. They protected them with UV-resistant sealant as well so they can be placed outside without fading. I love how whimsical they are.

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