9 Ways to Use Moss Agate in Witchcraft

9 Ways to Use Moss Agate in Witchcraft

Bring moss agate into your witchcraft practice and discover its power to bring you back down to Earth.

Wholesome and comforting, this stone symbolizes groundedness, lasting friendships and good luck.

Ground and center.

Use this stone at the end of a ritual to ground and center.

Simply hold it in your hand or place it at your heart center. 

Sit cross legged on the floor.  Close your eyes and take several deep breathes.  Imagine roots shooting out of your tailbone deep into the Earth.

Connect with the Element of Earth.

Feeling like a bit of an airhead?

If you find yourself overthinking things or struggling to make sound decisions, go outside during your witchy morning ritual and meditate with a piece of moss agate in your hands.  

Consider doing this barefoot and “earthing” your way back to centeredness.

Fairy gardens.

Are you a green witch with a goddess garden?

Bury some moss agate to attract positive plant spirits.

Especially effective in fairy gardens!

Celtic witchcraft.

If you identify as a Celtic witch or work with goddesses from the Celtic pantheon, incorporate moss agate into your spell craft.

Regarded for its good luck in ancient Celtic lore, this stone enhances the vibes in a spell pouch for generating positive fortunes.

Include a 4-leaf clover for extra punch!

Ease the jitters.

If you tend to get stage fright or jittery nerves before big presentations, bring yourself back down to the ground with this earthy stone.

Consider wearing a piece of jewelry with moss agate in it.

Support your efforts with a little color magic and compliment it with a green shirt or dress.

Invite the Green Man.

If you celebrate Beltane or Litha, invite the Green Man into your sacred space by placing a piece of moss agate on the altar.

Surround it with green foliage from a nature walk.  Deep woodland greens like ferns, moss and ivy are especially appropriate.

Add a few green candles for a beautiful late spring or summer altar.

In abundance spells.

Moss agate promotes abundance and prosperity.

Planning to look for a new job, organize your finances or get out of debt?

Create a desktop water garden that features moss agate.  Maintain it with love and nurture your success.

After a big move.

Whether you literally moved to a new city or simply took up residency at a new place of employment, moss agate helps to “put down roots” in your new location.

Carry it with you to solidify your place in the world after a major upheaval.


If you plan to fast for spiritual purposes, carry a piece of moss agate to help you stay grounded.

Fasting tends to create an imbalance of “airiness” (that “lightheaded” feeling) and this stone helps to correct it.

Keep a piece close and hold it when you find yourself struggling to stay focused on your fasting goal.

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