Witch Curious: 9 Things to Know if You’re New to Witchcraft

Witch Curious: 9 Things to Consider If You're New to Witchcraft

New to witchcraft? Start down the path of the Craft with confidence and consider the following.

Getting started is easier than you think.

While the many different paths, tools, techniques and approaches to spell craft sometimes seem overwhelming, getting started is as simple as getting started.

Just do something.

Pick up a witchy book at the library.

Try a kitchen witch recipe.

Explore your witchy talent.

The key to walking this path is to take the first step.  Just decide on one and move forward.

Your first year is special.

Like any new skill, there’s a learning curve.

The progress and experiences you have during your first year as a practicing witch set the tone for a lifetime.

Go all in.

Attend festivals.  Marvel at the full moon.  Walk around barefoot in the grass.  

Magic isn’t a potion or a cabinet full of herbs or a perfectly memorized incantation.   It’s an experience lived fully.  So go live it.

It’s not like the movies.

If you never spent time around a practicing witch, we forgive you for harboring some stereotypes.

After all, what most people know about the Craft comes from movies like . . . The Craft.

I won’t insult your intelligence here.  You probably already know that witches don’t use baby fat in their potions or fly on broomsticks (though there are historical reasons for that imagery).

But you may think of witchcraft as a dorky past time for socially awkward high school students.

And you’d definitely be wrong about that.

You don’t need to bust your budget.

While all the bells and whistles of a fully outfitted spell cabinet seem fun and appeal to our consumerist mentality, you’ll learn a lot more about nature-based spiritual traditions by just . . . you know, spending time in nature.

If and when you feel ready to start working with tools, you probably already have what you need.

And if not, try rummaging around in your local thrift store for ritual tools.

Costumes are for Halloween (I mean, Samhain).

If you find gaudy jewelry, black eyeliner and full length black skirts contrary to your inner fashionista, I understand.

Whoever your style icon is, I encourage you to keep her.

Tacky witch uniforms are for costume parties and stage acting.

Your religion is your business.

A startling number of my tarot clients are Catholic.

I’ve known practicing Muslims, Hindus and even atheists who express interest in the art of the Craft.

The idea that witchcraft is a religion is among many common misconceptions.   

Witchcraft is a spiritual practice, but not a religion.  (And not to be confused with Wicca, which definitely is a religion).

Your religion is your business.  If you feel called to the Craft, any conflict with your tradition is between you and your conscience.

Fast track your progress with  Witchcraft 101.

Need a jump start?

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts offers an introductory course in witchcraft, as well as specialty courses in herbalism, potion-making and more.

If you prefer an organized approach with clear steps towards progress, it’s your best bet.

Common mistakes are easy to avoid if you know what they are.

You will make mistakes.  And that’s okay.  Growth comes from a series of learned-from mistakes.  Some things you just need to experience for yourself.  

But many are avoidable.

Brush up on these beginner witchcraft mistakes and spare yourself some needless grief.

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