Ritual Jewelry: How to Find It, Cleanse It & Use It


Modern witches often use ritual jewelry as a focal point for rituals, spells and to carry the power of their magic with them.

Learning to select appropriate jewelry for rituals enhances your practice and broadens your knowledge.

Plus, it’s just freaking fun.  Because jewelry.  

Jewelry and Ritual Use

The use of ritual jewelry and self-adornment for spiritual purpose dates back almost as far as jewelry itself.

Archaeologists have discovered many glittering examples of the ritual use of jewelry around the world and spanning the entire course of human history.   

Early Celtic peoples made metalwork jewelry an art form in that culture, and frequently depicted their gods wearing it.

The ancient Egyptians used jewelry as protection amulets to ward off illness, evil spirits and bad luck.

So, it comes as no surprise that jewelry continues to play a significant role in modern spirituality.  

Finding Ritual Jewelry

First and foremost, keep in mind that you need not spend a fortune on ritual jewelry.

In fact, some of the most powerful and meaningful pieces likely already lurk somewhere in your home or family. 

For example, heirloom rings and hand-me-downs carry the weight and power of your heritage.  Try working with something that already vibrates with the influence of your personal history. 

Maybe you inherited a rhinestone broach from your grandmother, or your auntie passed along her favorite garnet ring.    

Or, if nothing immediately comes to mind, try looking at my favorite place to find ritual items:  the thrift store.  Most thrift stores have some kind of jewelry counter.  Mine sells gorgeous jewelry from $2-$10.  I’ve found pieces that retail for $50-$100 this way.


Choose a piece of jewelry to work and then decide how to use it in ritual, rather than the other way around.

Consider the metal, stones and history of the piece when designing a ritual around it.

Of course, the most important thing is to use it in a way that is meaningful to you, but here are some things to ponder when matching jewelry to spell craft.


Metals have specific properties in spell craft. 

If you don’t know what material it’s made of, don’t worry about it. 

But if you do, try using the jewelry in a way that matches its metaphysical properties.

There are dozens of metals commonly used in jewelry, and hundreds of chemical combinations of them.  Here, we just focus on a few of the the most basic.


Gold necklaces, rings and bracelets make ideal additions to sun spells.

Incorporate this metal in work with the divine masculine, solar energy and daylight rituals or spells.

It’s also ideal for money rituals, financial spells and abundance magic.

Leave gold pieces in strong sunlight (around noon to sunset) to charge them for ritual use.


On the flip side, silver pieces symbolize moonlight, feminine energy and the power of the unseen world.

Silver traditionally aids in moon rituals, Esbats and dream work.

Leave silver pieces under the full moonlight to charge them for ritual work.


Brass is best known for its deflective properties, and tends to repel negative energy, bad intentions and dark thoughts.

Use brass jewelry in spells to ward off the corrosive attitudes or destructive objectives of those who do not wish you or the people around you well.

Try charging brass pieces with sound.  Place them directly atop a speaker and play some music, or ring bells around it.


This metal gets a bad rap in jewelry.  Copper notoriously turns fingers green and is often combined with cheap alloys.

But high quality copper jewelry is a great addition to healing spells. 

Some people even claim that copper has holistic benefits.

Copper is an exception conductor of electricity, and energy in general.

Charge it under the electric light of a lamp with a strong bulb wattage.  

Settings and Stones

There are thousands of potentially useful gemstones set into jewelry with significant metaphysical properties.

Some people spend a lifetime studying the various origins, properties and uses of gemstones, so we won’t go over them all here.

Identifying and then looking up the properties of stones is the best way to make use of any gems set into your ritual jewelry.

But they need not be expensive to be useful.  In fact, some of the most commonly used gemstones in witchcraft are quite affordable (think hematite, amethyst and clear quartz).

If your “stone” is actually colored glass, that’s okay!  Use the color of the glass as you would any hue in color magic.


Whether you find your ring at a thrift store or inside your jewelry box, most practitioners like to give jewelry a good ritual cleanse before using it in spell craft.

Cleansing ritual items clears away old energy, deflects negative vibes and gives the aura of the item a clean slate.

Try any one of these methods to clear negative energy.

Ways to Use Ritual Jewelry in Spell Work

As with any form of spell craft, I always encourage you to use your imagination.

The options are limitless.  But here are a few to try.

Repetition Method

Rather than using your ritual jewelry for a specific spell, try wearing the same piece every time you work with your Craft.

Take it off immediately before, and immediately after, so that you associate that particular piece with your personal power.

The longer and more you use it, the more powerful it becomes as an amulet.  

Anchor Method

Use a piece of ritual jewelry to “anchor” a spell.

For example, if you work a love spell, consider making a rose quartz ring the centerpiece, and then wearing that ring on dates or other occasions when you want to draw out your inner attractiveness.

Or, bless a jade necklace and wear it whenever you need financial assistance, as in to a meeting with your banker or to ask your boss for a raise.

Spell Bag Method

Rather than wearing your jewelry, add it to a spell bag with complimentary ingredients.

For example, add an amethyst pendant to a spell bag with lavender to enhance your night dreams and visions.

Or, place a tiger’s eye in a spell bag with a couple of cinnamon sticks for protection and confidence.

Gifting Method

Enchant a piece of jewelry for a specific purpose, and then give away to the appropriate person.

Give a citrine ring to your sister to heal a family rift, or a garnet necklace to a friend to strengthen the bonds between you.

It’s not always appropriate to give jewelry to a colleague, but in smaller, close-knit business settings, you might give a co-worker or business partner something with green aventurine to enhance a professional relationship.

I’d love to hear your other ideas in the comments.  How do you use jewelry to further you spell work?

How to find, select, cleanse and use ritual jewelry in spells, magic and witchcraft.


  1. O have adapted some protection spells that use iron and steel for the home to on-the-job protection using stainless steel jewelry.

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