Rose Moon Milk with Cherries & Ginger

Fall asleep under the summer sky with this deliriously beautiful Rose Moon milk.  

Whole ingredients like cherries, ginger, honey and dried tea roses nourish your spirit and honor this first of the summer moons.

Make a cup for yourself, or quadruple the recipe and serve to your moon circle as a chic, holistic treat.

Rose moon moon with cherries, ginger and honey to celebrate the June moon and settle into a beautiful summer sleep.

What is the Rose Moon?

Also called the Mead Moon or Honey Moon, European folkloric tradition named the June full moon the Rose Moon, probably because it coincides with the rose’s peak bloom at this time.

Associated with fairy magic, fireflies and the Summer Solstice, the rose moon is a time for daydreaming, long evening walks and swimming in natural bodies of water.

Take this moon milk outside and lie under the stars on a luxurious blanket or share it with friends at your summer Esbat gathering.

Magical Correspondences

As with all my kitchen witch recipes, this one incorporates fresh, natural ingredients chosen with intention.

Tea Roses

Perhaps it goes without saying that the roses in this recipe pay homage to the namesake of the Rose Moon.

Among its many other magical properties, roses evoke the power and beauty of the feminine divine.  This moon is an especially profound time to work with feminine energies, childbirth and hard work coming to fruitition.


Sometimes also referred to as the Honey Moon, honey is a classic ritual component in many June moon and Summer Solstice celebrations.

The bee and the bee’s work is sacred in a wide range of traditions, from Egyptian myth to French folklore.

Here, we add honey as a symbol of mead (honey wine), a traditional table wine served during the June moon.


Include cherries in this recipe as a symbol of summer love, passion and the youthful joy of season.

And no need to throw away the pits!  Use them and any leftover dried roses to stuff an attraction poppet or leave them as an offering to Aphrodite.

Almond Milk

Aside from complimenting cherries as a classic culinary pairing, almond milk (and milk in general) symbolizes the divine feminine energy of the moon.

Almonds and the milk that comes from them also represent the abundance of summer.


Rose Moon milk pairs well with almost any floral or honey-based summer dessert.

Try it with:

Summer Solstice Honey Cakes

Champagne cake

Floral doughnuts 

Moon cookies

Rose love spell cookies


-You can easily double or quadruple this recipe.  It multiplies well.

-Substitute cherry juice for cherries and use powdered ginger instead of fresh grated ginger if you don’t have a blender.  

-The cherries oxidize quickly, so serve this one right away or add a splash of lemon juice to maintain that ballet-pink color.

Dried tea roses and ginger.

Fall asleep under the summer sky with this deliriously beautiful Rose Moon milk.

Nourishing, all-natural floral moon milk to celebrate the summer moons and sleep well.

You will need:

*10-12 sweet cherries

*1 1/4 cup almond milk

*1-2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup

*1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger

*1 teaspoon dried tea roses, plus more for garnish

Step 1

Wash, pit and destem the cherries.

Add all the ingredients to a blender.  Blend until smooth and creamy.

Step 2

In a small pot or saucepan, warm milk over low heat until hot, but not boiling.

Pour milk into a cozy mug and garnish with dried roses (if desired).

Serve immediately and enjoy.


You only need 4 ingredients to make this gorgeous cup of Rose Moon milk.

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