10 Ways to Use the Color Purple in Witchcraft

The color of royalty, magic and divine insight, this rich, exquisite hue paints any magickal ritual with a stroke of mystical allure.

From flowery faerie cakes to enchanted moonwater, here are ten creative ways to bring the mystery of purple into your Craft.

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Wear purple during a spiritual fastPurple encourages spiritual resolve.  Wearing purple during a fast or other personal deprivation strengthens the will and reminds us to draw energy from the limitless source of our higher power.

Use (edible!) purple flowers in faerie cakesPurple connotes the world of the unseen.  Include purple flowers in late spring and early summer offering cakes for the woodland spirits.

Don’t forget about the “scent of purple.”  Essential oils made from purple flowers like violet and lavender emit the “scent of purple.”  Burn these oils, anoint candles with them or include them in sachets for deep meditation, psychic awareness spells and dream work.

Burn lavender-colored candles in spells for grace, beauty & wit.  On the fairer end of the spectrum, pale shades of lavender make lovely additions to call forth the “delicate” side of femininity.

Use a purple altar cloth under your divination tools.  This colors association with psychic awareness makes it an ideal shade for casting runes, scrying or reading tarot cards.

Store dream oils in purple bottles.  For those of you who love dream work, consider storing your dream oils, pillow sprays or loose dream incenses in purple bottles to steep them in its whimsical energy.

Paint the walls of your sacred space purple.  If you lucked into an entire room for your sacred space, consider the bold color choice of purple for the walls to seal it in spiritual energy.  Not feeling quite that brave?  Paint a small canvas with your birth sign in purple and then use it as an altar piece.

Draw out your inner queen.  Evoke the power of the color’s longstanding association with nobility and use purple in rituals to conjure your illustrious inner royal self.

Get to know your purple chakra.  Lots of guided meditations focus on opening the chakras.  Take the time to research the purple chakra and see what you can do about cracking that bad boy wide open.

Add purple gemstones to your next batch of moonwaterMost of us have heard that a piece of amethyst in your tarot pouch or rune bag charges them up with all kinds of intuitive goodness.  Why not add this to your monthly batch of moonwater for the same reason?



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