10 Ways to Use Clear Quartz in Wicca

10 ways to use clear quartz in wicca

If you’re into stones, clear quartz was probably one of your first, and if you’ve never been into them, clear quartz is a good place to start.  This versatile, basic gem has a million and one uses.   Here’s a few ideas to make the most of it.

Leave it in the full moonlight to charge.  An easy way to make use of a full moon this month!

Bury it in the garden to bless herbs.  Then challenge the kids to find it in the spring—it’s a great way to get your garden turned over with free labor!

Store one with your tarot cards.  Try this classic method for keeping your deck cleared.

Place one near or on the resting place of a departed loved one.
 Instead of flowers, honor your loved one’s grave site with this simple, spiritual treasure.

Add it to your travel altar.  A pinch of herbs, a simple white tea candle and a tiny piece of natural quartz will turn the smallest space into an instant altar for travel.

Supercharge a mojo bag or spell box.  Include a small piece in any spell “container” for extra punch.

Place next to your bed to “collect your dreams.”  Clear quartz is believed to be a neutral crystal that “stores” thoughts.  Put it next to your bed or on top of a dream journal to help you remember your dreams.

Hang it from your review mirror.  Help to calm your nerves and sharpen your focus during this often stressful part of the day.

Attach one to your pet’s collar.  Send good vibes to your familiar.

Hold it during meditation.  This classic meditation aid soothes and focuses wandering minds.

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