Lunar Indigo: A Online Witchcraft Community

The Indigo Moon is a forum for witches and magical practitioners to share spells, recipes and natural living tips.

Today, Moody Moons launches a long overdue site feature: a community witchcraft forum.

Lunar Indigo is a fresh space for witches to brainstorm spell ideas, exchange tarot readings and share Craft-y tips.

This interfaith witchcraft community welcomes practitioners from all aspects of the Craft, from beginners to seasoned practitioners.  

Here’s 5 ways participating in Moody Moons forums improves your practice.

Lunar Indigo is an online community dedicated to connecting beginners with experienced witches to learn, grow and share the Craft.

Get spell ideas.

Need help designing a spell that fits your specific needs?

Have you tried a spell recently that worked really well (or not at all?)

Maybe you want to know which stones to use for weight loss, or what herbs sooth anxiety before a test.

Post your questions, experiences and ideas on the Spell Ideas & Inspiration forum and tap into the wisdom of your sisters in the Craft.

Become a more successful witch.

The importance of interacting with like-minded people is well-documented.

But maybe you live in the middle of nowhere, and finding a strong, Craft-based community is easier said than done.

Or perhaps you just got started, and in-person events seem intimidating.

Spending time in a witchcraft forum helps you get feedback, find new resources and stay inspired.

Actually celebrate the full moon.

You only get 12 full moons a year.   So make the most of them!

If you always intend to work the next full moon, but always seem to miss it, 

Stop by Moon Bliss and share that new moon tea blend you concocted, or get inspired to start a lunar meditation practice.

Practice your tarot skills.

If you’re still getting to know your Tarot deck, reading for other people is the very best way to hone your skills.

Pop into the Tarot and Divination Forum and offer to read for someone.

Or, ask for a reading yourself and let others test their skills on you.

Help a baby witch (or get help if you are one!)]

Whether you’ve a decade or a year-and-a-day under your belt, use your knowledge and experience to help a baby witch.

It’s a great way to give back and generate good karma.  

Also, you’d be amazed how much you learn by teaching.

And if you’re a total newbie to the Craft, consider The Baby Witch Beginner’s Forum a safe place to get advice on everything from setting up your first moon altar to finding books that might interest.

Live a greener life.

Practicing a nature-centered spirituality starts with natural living.

From composting to whole food kitchen witching, get and share ideas to live closer to the earth in The Green Witch and Natural Witch forum.

Know a great recipe for a holistic bath bomb?

Have a question about making or using natural cleaning products?

Trying to eliminate toxic additives from your diet?

Come on over and see if there’s someone to help you.

Where Your Path Intersects with Others

Lunar Indigo is committed to making and sharing a positive space for magical practitioners .

There is room for all paths, including (but not limited to):




-Christian Witches

-Holistic Healers

-Tarot Readers 

-Green Witches

-Hedge Witches

-Kitchen Witches

As long as you help us maintain a helpful, compassionate and sisterly space, you are welcome here.

Come join us!

Ready to get started?

Head over to Lunar Indigo, scroll to the bottom to register for an account, follow the prompts, and then start posting!

Lunar Indigo is an intentional witchcraft forum for beginners and experienced practitioners to connect, share and grow.  


      1. I tried to register , I actually registered twice on 2 separate emails , bc the first time it apparently created my account , but I couldn’t get back into it .. so I created another & started personalizing my profile , only to be locked out again after logging out .. when I type my username & password it will say “Google recaptcha failed – is JavaScript enabled ?” I don’t understand what I did wrong .. I’ve been trying to fix it all day .. literally .. please help !!!

        1. Hi Fallon,

          This forum is currently under maintenance and cannot be accessed. We received your email, and will be happy to notify you when posting resumes. Would you like us to add you to our list?

          1. Yes ! I would love to be able to join your forum ! Thank you for responding to my email/comment ! Please let me know when the forum is back up & running 🙂 I’m very excited to join a witchcraft community ! Please keep me updated , thanks again ! ???

  1. Sooo um i have a little question im kinda chuckling at it but i did a lover will hate you spell and now the person i did it for is sick?

    1. I did a spell to release myself and my blood line from unholy Covenants. I actually felt the power of the spell.
      Also, the flame of my protective circle grew when I called upon the south the element of fire (I’m guessing because I am a fire symbol.) and danced while casting the circle, which was amazing, especially since it was in a draft free area. But my question is about what happened in my house the next days. So on the next night we caught a bull snake on a glue trap in my kitchen… never had an issue before with snakes…. then another one the next night and one more the next night. So 3 snakes 3 nights directly starting the night after the spell…. all different snakes. It was something that’s been on my mind. Could it have a connection with my spell? And if so, what would it symbolize you think?

  2. bonsoir bonsoir
    I hope everyone is doing well. I hope this is the right place to post. I changed countries over 10 years ago and never expected to encounter “bad curses energy witches etc”. I’ve always meditated, used positive energy for healing others etc.
    I’m looking for some help because simply i would like to know if making a protection spell bag for oneself is effective. I’ve made one for my husband and it seems to work but for myself I don’t think it’s as effective. as I’ve stated I’ve never had the experience of dealing with intentional negative energy curses etc and never thought I’d be in this situation. any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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