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If you’ve been wondering what’s up with Moody Moon’s Handmade, you’re not alone!

Over the last few months, readers have emailed and commented asking what happened to Moody Moon’s Etsy shop?

The answer is, I put it on the back burner to focus on writing.

But, it’s back up, and revamped with new product shots and all kinds of fun goodies.

I listened to my clients and decided to focus on what they love best from Moody Moons Handmade:  smudge wands, scrying mirrors and botanical blends.

So I spent some time in the workshop and got to mixing up some magic!

Here are just a few of the offerings at Moody Moons.

New Botanicals at Moody Moons

I launched some new items this month, including a fresh take on a classic:

Faerie incense

Combining herbs, oils and resins sacred to the woodland spirits, this gorgeous floral loose incense is perfect for use in Beltane, Litha and Lughnasad.

Also a lovely addition to woodland rituals and faerie magic.

Faerie loose incense botanical spell potion for Litha, Beltane and Lammas.

Revamped Full Moon Potion

Moody Moon’s newest Full Moon Incense Blend!  I recommend ordering this one in advance, as it usually sells out quickly!

This rich, spicy blend draws down the energy of the moon to promote a reflective, grounded vibe into your ritual space for moon magic and esbats.

Full moon loose incense magick potion for Esbats and spell craft.

Serpent Spirit Oil

Invite some serpent energy to slither into your ritual space with Moody Moon’s new Serpent Oil, blended from 100% organic essential oils and steeped in an olive oil base.  Comes tied off with a snake charm!


Moody Moons Classics

Along with some new selections, Moody Moons relaunched a few classics, including this gorgeous floral smudge wand.  Perfect for summer Sabbats like Litha and Lammas.  Gorgeous when included in summer handfastings or summer moon rituals.

Also coming, back, Moody Moons miniature scrying mirrors!

Frames chosen specifically for their ornate feel, they look great on even a small altar and easily pack into your travel altar.


Miniture scrying mirror with ornate silver frame.

Black miniture scrying mirror. Perfect for travel altars or very small ritual spaces.

I look forward to spending the summer crafting away, so expect more altar treasures soon!

Blessed be.

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