9 Witchy Ways to Get Ready for Spring

Love these witchy ideas to get ready for spring!

When the snow crocuses start to poke their sleepy heads out of the ground, I already start thinking about how to get ready for spring.

Herb gardening season is already making its way into the hardware store.

There are spring brunches to plan, pagan crafts to do with my kid and, of course, Ostara looms conspicuously on the upcoming calendar.

It’s time to make way for the new growth and fresh experiences.  Here are 9 witchy ways to get into the spirit of the season.

Plan your Ostara.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, plan your Beltane while you’re at it.

Like everything else, I find that when I put some effort into the planning process for the Sabbats, they go much more smoothly and are more fun in the end.

Pick out some spring dishes to cook, or pick a way to use eggs in witchcraft.

Resume your magical nature walks.

If you discontinued regular magical nature walks during the winter season, get back into the swing of them.  Set a time and day at least once a week to get out and walk in the natural world.

It helps to be selective and pick out a truly beautiful place in your area to walk.

If you live in the city, this may be your neighborhood park.

But if you live in the country or the suburbs, you probably have a lot more options!  Try woodland dog-walking paths, riverside walks or other natural wonders to steep yourself in.

Spring is a great time of year to observe changes in the environment.  Take notes on which flowers bloom during what weeks, when certain useful herbs and plants come in, ect.  These prove very useful for next year!

Learn a new skill in the Craft.

Seasonally, spring is the ideal time to begin new projects.

Pick a witchy skill you have not yet explored in depth.  It’s an especially great time of year to learn the basics of herbalism.

Or maybe you want to get to know your tarot deck.

If you’re new to witchcraft and don’t know where to start, try taking this 30-day free crash course.

Create an outdoor sacred space (or spruce up the one you have).

If you practice a morning ritual, consider setting up a quiet, private place on your patio, balcony or in your yard to move your ritual outdoors.

For my city witches:  covered balconeys are the best!  Enjoy the spring rains outside with a cup of tea and you won’t get wet!

For everyone else, creating a sacred space outside can be as simple as sticking an outdoor chair in the garden, or as elaborate as a full-on “she-shed”.

Clean out your herb cabinet.

I get it.  Hoarding herbs during the colder months feels comforting.  I love making winter necessities of herbs I dried during the fall harvest season.  I make tea, steep hot herbal bathes and cook with the dried basil from my summer garden.  It gets me through the winter.

But by the time spring rolls around, your magical (and mundane) herbs need a good go-through.  Throw away anything more than 6 months old and clean out/dry your herbs jars to make way for the spring herbs emerging from the ground in the coming weeks.

And if you’re new to the whole world of herbs, check out these ideas for starting an herbalism practice.

Try this tarot spread.

Try this tarot spread to spring clean your soul and put your next few months in perspective.

A quarterly tarot spread for each season change helps to set up new goals and reflect on recent events in a spiritual way.

So grab a mimosa and a fruit croissant.  Take a seat and see what the Universe is trying to tell you in this season of your life.

Get your witchy garden in order.

How many times have you made it to August and wished you’d spent more time planting in the spring?  I always wish I took more time for spring garden planning once harvest season rolls around.

Working the earth is a cornerstone of staying connected to the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

Now is the time to order seeds, think about your layout and maximize your space/time.

And if you’re new to gardening, start small.  Herbs are pretty tenacious and many grow well in pots.  Even if you have no yard, your apartment balcony will soon overflow with earthly delights.

Need more ideas?  Try these goddess gardening ideas.

Plan a trip to the farmer’s market.

Make it a point to get to know your local farmer’s market this season—-and your local farmers!  The farmer’s market isn’t just a great place to gather in-season produce, natural soap and freshly laid eggs.

It’s also a great place for a witch to network.  Yeah, network.

The local farmers know their crops down to the roots.  They’re often surprisingly happy to share gardening tips.  You may even get invited to participate in a co-op.

There is no better way to live seasonally than to consistently eat seasonally, and the farmer’s market is your first stop on that journey.

Make a new wreath for the door.

Remind yourself that the seasons are moving forward by crafting a new wreath for your front door.

Wreaths have an ancient history in European paganism.  The ancient Greeks wore hair wreaths to declare social status, and used specific plants and herbs to symbolize their meaning.

In modern paganism, hair wreaths continue to delight the spring and summer festivals.  Place one on your door made with love by hand from natural materials to bless the hearth and home.

Can't wait to start using some of these witchy ideas to get ready for spring.

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