9 Ways to Use Avocados in Witchcraft

Got avocados? Here are 9 creative ways to use this magical fruit in witchcraft.

Velvety, lush and decadent, chefs around the world prize avocados for their unique, mild flavor and rich mouthfeel.  But what about their magical properties?  Below, I listed some creative ways to incorporate avocados in your magical practice.

Rune Making

Fresh avocado pits carve easily.

If you go through lots of avocados (or know a restaurant willing to give you their discarded pits), try carving a rune set out of them.

The tricky part?  Speed counts.  Once they dry up and harden, carving becomes more difficult.

This tutorial covers the basics on carving avocado pits.

Beauty & Glamour Spells

Include avocados in beauty and glamour spells to enhance natural allure.

Combine 1/2 avocado with 1/4 cup honey.  Mash and apply to your face.

Wear the the mask ritually during solitary spells to draw out your inner magnetism.

Dyeing Your Altar Cloth

When boiled, the pits from avocados produce a lovely, natural dye.

Use it to dye an altar cloth of organic material and take one step closer to maintaining an all-natural sacred space.

Avocado dye casts a lovely neutral-to-pink hue that looks especially elegant for spring festivals and love spells.

For instructions on how to use avocado pits as a cloth stain, check out this link.

Kitchen Witchery

Use this rich, creamy fruit in kitchen witch spells to “smooth things over” in tumultuous relationships.

Leave a bowl of avocados on the table of an unsettled household, or bring a basket of them to a friend after a difficult discussion to sooth tempers.

Spell or Mojo Bags

Add avocado pits to spell bags for luck, abundance or attraction magic.

Let the pits dry at least two weeks in open air (longer for humid climates) to avoid rot.

Then place them in a pouch.  Coins, dried mint or other abundance items may be added to enhance their prosperity-drawing properties.

Magical Gardens

Compost avocado peels in your magical garden to bless it for a rich harvest.

Dig small holes at each of the four directional corners (North, South, East and West).  Place skins inside holes and bury them during the first full moon of the planting season.

Optionally, bury the skins with a gemstone relevant to your goals during planting season to sew the seeds of your potential.

Ritual Bath Soaps

If you personalize your ritual baths by making your own bath products, use avocado as a skin-softening additive in soaps for ritual.

Particularly appropriate for spring and summer rituals for abundance, lust or to honor the Green Man.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to make soap using avocado puree.

Counteracting the Element of Fire

If you notice your life seems to be overruled by the Element of Fire (excessive arguing and fights, hot tempers, instability), try leaving an avocado on the altar to “cool down” flare ups.

Once the avocado goes bad, bury it somewhere away from your property.

Walk away and don’t look back.

Heart Chakra

Having trouble opening your heart to a lover, difficult family member or friend?

The earthy green color and warm flavor of avocados brings the Heart Chakra into alignment.

Anoint your Heart Chakra (the area at the base of the breastbone) with avocado oil to awaken warm feelings.

How to make magical use of your avocados!  Let's get kitchen witchin'.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I see that it’s a year old but I still appreciate it, there isn’t usually this much information about avocado use in witchcraft in a single article. If you have come up with anymore uses for avocado, especially the pits and/or skins, I would love to learn about them!

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