Make Your Own Love Spell Gift Box From Scraps

This Aphrodite love spell gift box was made entirely of scraps from around my house. Come check it out and get inspired to make one of your own using what you alreaduy have!

Honor the love goddess, Aphrodite, this Valentine’s season with a charming love spell gift box made from scraps around your house.

Like everyone else, I have way too much stuff.  So this year, I decided to spend less time at the craft store, and more time using what I already keep on hand.

I found this approach really inspiring!  Every time I feel tempted to go buy something for one of my projects, I stop and think about how to use what’s on hand.  It forces me to think creatively, reduce waste and save money.

The surprising part?  My projects seem to actually benefit.  Believe it or not, studies show that when we constrain ourselves, we get more creative.

In this example, innovation comes naturally when we restrict ourselves from relying on spending money.

Gather up your old or used Valentine’s decorations, a box, and some ribbon, and let’s get started.

It all starts with a box.

Almost any box with a lid will do.  I used an old paper mache box from my craft closet.

An old gift box, a shoe box or a larger jewelry box also works.

Ideas to cover your box:

-Paint it with leftover craft paint.

-Cover it with scrap booking paper.

-Use old sheet music from a love song.

Decorate your box:

Whatever you use, try the challenge of only working with what you have.  If you get stuck, set it aside for a day or two and wait for an idea to come to you.

I found a broken picture frame (the glass was shattered, so I took it out), some scrap ribbon/scrap fabric, and an old heart from last year’s Valentine’s decorations.

Here are some other suggestions:

-Mount an old Valentine’s card and frame it with dried flowers.

-Glue on a romantic art print (like the Birth of Venus, which is a public domain work.)

-Adorn it with some broken jewelry.  (Pearls in particular are sacred to Aphrodite/Venus).

-Use loose beads or buttons to outline a heart.

-Decorate with seashells.  The element of water rules love and matters of the heart.

Fill Your Box

There are so many possibilities!  One easy DIY are these heat-activated love spell sachets.

All you need is rice, scrap fabric and a needle/thread.

Heat activated love spell sachets.

You can also try:

-Filling an old, mini liquor bottle with a customized love spell oil blended from your essential oil selection (try cinnamon, rose and vanilla oil steeped in olive oil).  Then design and print out a label that says “Love Potion.”

-Making a love spell sachet out kitchen herbs.  Basil, thyme, rosemary and ginger all are classic love spell ingredients.

-Blend a bath scrub for a ritual bath to draw attraction and love.  Try brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract, or rose oil, white sugar and olive oil.

-Write a love affirmation on a scrap piece of parchment (especially if you have pretty handwriting!).   Or age some regular printer paper by soaking it in tea or coffee.

-Use your kitchen witch skills to make some homemade chocolates and bless them for luck in love.

Charge Your Box

Charge your spell box in any of the following ways:

-Leave it out overnight in the moonlight.

-Surround it with relevant crystals (like rose quartz) for several nights.

-Leave it in the sunlight from dawn to dusk.

Give the Gift of Love

Give your love spell gift box to a like-minded friend this Valentine’s.

Whether she uses it to spice up her current relationship or draw in a new one is her business!

The more creative thought and love you put into your box, the greater the joy of receiving it.

Blessed be.

DIY Aphrodite love spell gift box. Honor the Greek goddess of love by giving a handmade love spell box to a friend or lover. This tutorial offers inspiration for upcycling what you already have to create an original, artful spell box.

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