Moody Moon’s 10 Most Popular Post of 2018

Moody Moon's Most Popular Posts of 2018

With 2018 winding to a close and the New Year on the horizon, here’s a look back at Moody Moon’s top ten most popular posts.

#1  10 Ways to Use the Magic of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft

You never know whether a post will flop or fly.  This post about using your eye color in magic was the surprising winner for most popular post of 2018.

#2  10 Ways to Use Your Cauldron in Witchcraft

Get back to basics with this creative post on how to make the most of your cauldron.

#3  7 Inspiring Ways to Choose a Pagan Tattoo

Got ink?  These inventive ideas are designed to inspire your next tattoo based on your spiritual journey.  Enjoy!

#4  9 Ritual Supplies Commonly Found at the Dollar Tree

Although this post ranked 4th this year, overall, this 2015 post is Moody Moon’s most popular post of all time.  I have no idea why.  I guess pagans have a thing for the Dollar Tree.

#5  20 Common Household Items Used in Witchcraft

Before you head to the occult shop, take a look around your humble abode.  Chances are, it’s brimming with potentially useful ritual tools.

#6 Summer Solstice Honey Cakes Recipe

Of all Moody Moon’s Sabbat-related posts, this Litha recipe for honey cakes ranked highest among them.  For my people in the Southern Hemisphere, this one’s for you right now!

#7  10 Ways to Use Eggs in Witchcraft

Edible, cheap and widely available, the egg is a surprisingly versatile spell ingredient.  Get crafty with this article on how to use them in your practice, and make the most of your groceries this week.

#8 Quiz:  What Kind of Witch Are You?

Take this image-heavy, visually pleasing quiz and get some recommendations about your next steps down the path of the Craft.

#9  Winter Crafts for Witches

Last year’s post on winter crafting still ranks in the top ten for 2018.  From ice art to making your own set of runes, check out this list of ways to pass the time in front of your fire place this season.

#10  10 Ways to Use Basil in Witchcraft

Probably already somewhere in your kitchen cabinet, basil is a classic ingredient for love spells, luck, protection and circle casting.



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