7 Inspiring Ways to Choose a Pagan Tattoo

If you feel called to commemorate your sacred journey with a tattoo, you came to the right place! Below, I listed a few things to consider choosing and designing body art as unique as your personal spiritual journey.

Our association with tattoos and sacredness date back for millennia.  Ancient Egyptians, Paleolithic Europeans, ancient Chinese, Mongolian and Central Americans among many others tattooed themselves to mark spiritual rites of passage, honor ancestry and humble themselves before the divine.


What symbolism has meaning to you?

The Hand of Fatima, the Celtic cross, the pentacle, the om symbol, and the Tree of Life all brim with spiritual meaning from cultures around the world.

Maybe one of these really resonates with you.

But symbolism in your tattoo needn’t be obvious or immediately recognizable.

Perhaps a beautiful, richly detailed peacock feather represents to you the time you spent in India, or the image of a carved wooden spoon signifies your practice as a kitchen witch.

What about your path is permanent?

Most people recognize some intrinsic truths that apply universally in all faiths and practices.

What are those for you?

Perhaps you believe spiritual life universally centers around love, service to others or the sharing of knowledge.  A tattoo of what you understand to be inherently true or feel yourself guided by is a powerful, permanent reminder of your directing principles.

Are you devoted to a particular deity?

Like, really devoted?  Obviously, an amazing rendition of the image of Aphrodite would be appropriate for someone devoted to Hellenism, but consider something more subtle, too.

A rose, or an oyster with pearls, perhaps?

What is your zodiac?

If you love the stars or astrology, try building an idea around your sun or moon sign.

Interpret your sign any creative way you want to.  For example, if you are a Gemini and a sea witch, a pair of twin mermaids brings to life your unique path in an imaginative way that doesn’t necessarily feel too obvious.

Where are your power points?

Perhaps careful placement enhances the meaning of a tattoo for you.

Consider choosing a pressure point, chakra or sacred point on the body that you want to connect more deeply with or that feels appropriate in energy for the subject of your image.

What is your heritage?

If your spiritual path emphasizes your ancestors or their culture, then your family tree undoubtedly droops with inspiring ideas for a tattoo.

Consider the image of a flower from your grandmothers herbal recipes, or your name in her language.

Search your ancestry or even get your DNA tested to uncover the mysterious of your family and mine ideas for a tattoo that honors your bloodlines.

Have you considered memorializing your past?

Whether you converted from Catholicism or still keep one foot in a Buddhist temple, if you transitioned from a spiritual tradition different from the one you were born to, your feelings regarding your past may be complicated.

But perhaps not so much!  If you want to honor the tradition of your past or its influence on your overall life, go for it!

Pagan tattoo ideas.





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  1. I love the suggestion with the chakras! It may help a lot when I get a tattoo to decide WHERE to get one. Brilliant!

    1. I’m getting my first tattoo and the one that I’m doing is my zodiac sign Gemini and stars with ribbon going around it I just love astrology and I feel more connected to my sign and it brings me inner energy and such….

  2. I love this. I know so many people that get the same tired tattoos and while beautiful I feel it loses meaning if every coven member has it. I choose a scarab because I LOVE Egypt and Egyptian Dieties. My matron goddess is Sekhmwt so my scarab is holding a fire looking flower. Its on my right forearm son I can see it constantly

  3. Thank you for expressing so beautifully the spirituality which so many of us have about our tattoos. This is so often overlooked, and, just as in other realms of life, so many are quick to make the wrong judgements.

    My tattoos are my most intrinsic part of my path and all have deep spiritual meaning to me, so to discover your words was beautiful and heartening. Thank you xx

    1. Totally agree with what’s been said I have some I want to still get done but was unsure on placement your chakra idea is great thanks

  4. How in the why does this not show up for tattoos???? This simplified my over thinking, I’ve been thinking of Sacred Geometry and Ancient Symbols for so long. That is why I have not tattoed my right arm, I want to get symbols for sending and receiving, and protection symbols.

    When I read this, I got so many images of tattoos. This simplified and made so much sense, instead of their symbols create your own. Like the kitchen witch, have a wooden spoon wrapped with an herb that grows on your birthday and resting against your favorite stone. By all the powers you have made this search so much easier. Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. I find it fascinating how you could use tattoos to showcase your character and personality because of their hidden meanings! My uncle is thinking about meeting more people and dating again after years of staying single. I should let him know about tattoos so we can visit a studio that can pick the design which fits him best!

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