10 Winter Crafts for Wiccans


Edited December, 2017:  Check out additional ideas at the end from this Yule season.  I plan to continue to update this post with new additions every year.

With the cold weather bringing everyone indoors, and the upcoming Yule holiday, making crafts and gifts indoors is a cozy, soul-nourishing activity.

Here’s some ideas for creating with the heart and spirit in mind.

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1.  Quilting.  We hear an awful lot about “focus” in the context of spell work.  Sewing makes for a powerful way to draw your intentions into sharp concentration.  Try hand sewing a quilted sachet using a steady chant with every stitch to bring the mind into a lovely, trance like state of calm.

2.  Candle making.  Nothing warms the heart and soul like burning fresh, homemade candles.  Pick a purpose.  Then toss in herbs, anchor the wick with a special gemstone, rub it with oil and/or carve whatever you want into them.

3.  Create an incense blend.  Every witch should learn the art of blending herbs into pleasing, aromatic scents.  Winter makes the perfect season for experimenting with dried herbs (preferably from your own fall garden harvest!).  Test your blend by tossing a handful into your burning fireplace to warm and bless the home.

4.  Make your own rune set.  With the natural light in retreat and the long nighttime hours, divination makes for a lovely indoor evening activity.  Make your own rune set—-and be creative!  Carve the runes into polymer clay, wood or paint small stones.  Makes a charming gift for a like-minded friend.

5.  Crock pot something.  A crock pot makes a perfect cauldron in the winter months.  Stew something kitchen-witch style or toss in some home-blessing herbs.

6.  Make your own cold remedies.  Put all that knowledge of herbs to use and make some cold remedies from scratch.  There are thousands of recipes for natural cough syrup, runny noses and nausea.  With the cold and flu season here, it’s a good time to get prepared!

7Craft a natural winter wreath for your door.  Pick a nice winter day, bundle up, grab the dog and some hot chocolate, and go for a walk.  Collect pine cones, evergreens, acorns, or whatever, and make a beautiful natural winter wreath.  Simple, elegant, and wild.

8.  Make a bird feeder.  Remember how much fun it was to smear peanut butter and bird seed all over something, then watch from your warmth of your window as hungry, feathered friends came to bless your garden?

9.  Create a paper Book of Shadows.  Or, if you already have one, spend some quality time working on it.  Cut and paste photos, jot down notes about herbs, hand write spells, copy down your grandmother’s home remedies.  A lovely way to make use of time in front of the fireplace!

10.  Make your own statuary.  Winter makes for the perfect to work with the warming energy of the kiln.  Take a local pottery class and create something altar-worthy.

ETA:  Bonus Ideas from 2021!

11.  Try making heat-activated spell sachets This cozy, wintery spell crafting idea gets any creative witches inventive juices going!

12.  Make this magical spiced pear recipe.  This magical twist on a classic Yule recipe dresses up any Winter Solstice festivity.

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