10 Ways to Honor the Mother Aspect of Your Triple Goddess

Honoring the Mother Aspect of Your Triple Goddess

Fierce and tender, emboldened yet humble, the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess calls us to imagine, create and give birth to possibility.  Check out the 10 ideas below to connect with Her and watch your potential bear fruit.

Honoring the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess.

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Give birth to something—even if you’re not pregnant.

Ultimately, the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess represents drive to dream up and do.  Whether you raise a family of ten children or live without ever cringing through a single Braxton Hicks contraction, your creative spirit is a force of nature.

Embrace it by bringing forth something new—whether it’s in the garden, on canvas or with a blow torch.

Be fierce.

While the word “mother” often calls to mind soft or delicate stereotypes about the feminine experience, consider how “soft and feminine” a lioness behaves if you mess with her newborn cubs.


The Mother aspect is a badass.  She defends the bullied, speaks up when she sees something morally wrong and owns her mistakes.  Shedding the recklessness and self-doubt, she emerges with strength and vibrancy.

Be the lioness.

Get over your period.

It’s not gross or shameful.  It’s a key part of a sacred cycle that has perpetuated life since the dawning of the human race.  As you transition from Maid to Mother, make a point to grow into the maturity of your years and respect this very natural part of womanhood.


The very human instinct to nurture things that need our attention embodies the Mother aspect in her fullest manifestation.  Rescue a puppy, volunteer at the local senior center, offer to tend your coven’s garden for a season.  Do whatever it is you do to encourage the growth of people and things beyond yourself.

Work with the full moon.

Of the three major transitional phases of the moon cycle (waxing, full and waning), the full moon embodies the Mother Aspect of the goddess.  Try working with the Mother Aspect in ritual during the full moon to bring your prior creative energy to fruition.

Attend a women’s circle.

I used to maintain all kinds of wacky stereotypes about women’s circles.

I imagined barefoot yogis on meditation pillows, passing around a talking stick and drinking foul-smelling cups of mysterious, lake-colored liquid they call “cleansing tea.”

Then, very recently, someone invited me to one.  I found the experience among the most enlightening, unique and spiritually useful in a long while.  I encourage you to find one and to give it a try.

(I’m sure there’s some equivalent for men, but as I am not one, I’ve never looked.)

Make peace with your past.

Call on the Mother Aspect to heal old wounds, let go of regret and move forward to build something new from the rubble.  The experiences that shaped you into the full expression of who you are today are sacred.   Let them work their magic.

Attend to your mind/body connection.

While the Maid sets down her path for self-discovery, the Mother knows who she is.  Use this knowledge to deepen your mind/body connection.  Try meditation, a mind/body workout or fasting for spiritual insight.


Learn basic self-care with herbal home remedies,schedule regular “mini-retreats” (even if it’s only a bubble bath with essential oils) or take up the art of massage.  Find healthy ways to recover from stress, and take pleasure in helping others recover from theirs.

Make your home a sanctuary.

Whether you live in a mansion in Malibu or a crate-sized New York apartment, make your home a place you want to return to over and over.  Rearrange the furniture occasionally to shake up the energy, makes space for your spiritual life and, most importantly, invite people you love being around to spend time there.

Blessed be.



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