10 Ways to Use the Color Green in Witchcraft

The ultimate color of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings, use the color green in witchcraft to conjure a fresh start, attract abundance and experience the natural world more deeply.

How to use the color green in witchcraft. Ideas for using green in magick to conjure abundance and new beginnings.

1.  Combat jealousy.

As part of the human experience, we all know the “green-eyed monster.”  Use this color to thwart the negative cycle of jealousy (either yours or someone else’s).   Here’s a simple idea:  carve the name or names of the person suffering from jealousy.  Burn it under the waning moon and visualize the color green draining from your/his/her/their eyes.

2.  Keep it fresh.

While dry herbs make the most sense for things like custom incense blends and spell bags, nothing beats the magic of fresh, green garden herbs.  As springtime and summer roll around, gather herbs or pick them up at the farmer’s market.  Steep them in oil to create potions, add them to your ritual bath, or use them in your recipe for moon water.

3.  Use green in job spells.

The US dollar symbolizes career success, upward mobility and monetary gain.  Guess what?  It’s green!  And it makes the perfect offering for a job or abundance spell.   Give a few greenbacks to a worthwhile charity to support a spell for abundance and career success.

4.  Renew your Handfasting vows.

If you pledged “A Year and a Day” to someone special, consider using this color for your vow renewal or wedding.  For more pagan wedding ideas, check out 40 Ideas for Your Handfasting.

5.  Welcome a fresh start.

Have a tarot deck?  First things first: get to know it.  Famed for its role in divination, tarot also serves as a nifty tool for spell craft.  Try this spell to encourage new beginnings:  pull the Fool card from your deck.  Place it on a grass-colored altar cloth, then surround it with fresh green mint leaves.  When then dry, bury them in the garden, clear the altar and welcome a new chapter of your life.  For other variations on this spell idea, check out Tarot Spells.

6.  Honor Beltane.

Emerald is the traditional color for the upcoming holiday of Beltane.  It also draws luck and reputedly turns fortunes for the better.  If you need to wear it to a conservative event where you hope to find success (like a court hearing or important meeting at work) try a simple, subtle green accessory, like a green tie or malachite gemstone set into a piece of jewelry.

7.  Charm a business relationship.

Beginning a new partnership or recent career mentor?  Give the gift of green!  Choose something appropriate in this color, bless it for success and send it the person you wish to enter into a successful business relationship with.

8.  Refresh your youth.

For beauty spells or spells for rejuvenation, include green to encourage a youthful image.  Try it in this Color Magick Bath Ritual and see what happens!

9.  Bless Your Garden.

Bury jade or aventurine during your garden blessing ritual to welcome gardening season and enchant the future harvest with Gaia’s energy.

10.  Grow.

Feeling stunted?  Write your goals for growth in green ink on a piece of paper and plant it with basil seeds in your garden.  Water, care for them and watch your spirit thrive.

Blessed be.


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