Elemental Garden Blessing Ritual

Don’t you just love this time of year?  The air has that moist earth smell.  Bulbs are poking their heads up out of the ground to see what’s shakin’.  Stuff is getting all green.  And the whole world finally seems to be shaking off its frosty chill.

It’s time to really get going in the garden.  Take care of the spiritual side with this simple garden blessing.

Garden Blessing Ritual

You will need:

*A gemstone of your choice.
*Spring water
*Smudge stick
*A small red, green, yellow and blue candle
*Hand shovel.

1.  Let’s get started.  Dig in there.  Literally.  Grab your hand shovel.  Take that bad boy and turn over the soil.  Get your hands dirty.  Bugs and worms are cool.  Don’t be afraid to touch them.  They don’t bite.  Well, most of them.

2.  Once the bed is good and broken up, take the gemstone in your dirty hands and say a blessing.  Acknowledge what you wish to accomplish for the coming season.

3.  “Plant” the gemstone in the center of the garden.  Bury it deep.

4.  Bust out your compass.  Place the the green candle in the North corner with the salt, the yellow candle in the East corner with the smudge stick, red candle in the South corner, and the blue candle in the West with your spring water.

5.  Beginning in the South corner with the red candle, walk clockwise around the garden.  Light each candle, stopping to welcome the power of the elements into your garden space.  All of these elements are essential to life.  Let’s make ’em happy.  In case you don’t know their corresponding directions, they are:

North = Earth
East = Air
South = Fire (Sun)
West = Water

6.  When you are done, you should arrive in the back at the South corner with the red candle.  (You’ll note set up is important for this ritual if you want to avoid awkward changes in direction).

7.  Continuing in a clockwise motion, you will arrive at the West corner with the blue candle and the water.  Sprinkle the water around the circle, imagining its nourishing effect on the fresh earth.

8.  Move on to the North corner with the salt.  Sprinkle the salt around your garden, imagining it as a force of protection from predators and invasive pests.

9.  Finally, you will arrive at the East corner.  Pick up your smudge stick, use the yellow candle to light it, and continue walking clockwise from corner to corner.  Blow gently on the end of the smudge stick to “breathe life” back into your garden after the long winter months.

10.  To close the circle, walk counterclockwise, extinguish each candle as you go.

There.  You’re done.  Happy gardening season!


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