Color Magick Moon Bath Ritual

Check out this Color Magick Moon Bath Ritual and shake up your Esbat with this inspiring way to put the power of color to work in your Craft.

The Power of Color

Color carries energy.  We choose candles, altar clothes and gemstones with the specific intention of bringing their color associations into rituals and spells.

But we’re not the only ones!  Psychologists, advertising agencies and even restaurant owners use color to influence our moods, selections and behavior.

In fact, some interesting (but controversial) statics recently suggest that installing blue street lamps on subway platforms in Tokyo and Glasgow reduced crime rates and suicide in the areas of illumination.

Color Magick Moon Bath Ritual

Years ago, I read an article in a beauty magazine about “color therapy” in bathwater as a spa treatment.

I liked this concept and tucked the idea in the back of my mind for a long time.

Then, while I shopped for egg dye for the upcoming holiday of Ostara, it came to me that the leftover dye presented an excellent opportunity to experiment.

Warning:  I used PAAS (<—affiliate link) dye tablets and had no trouble with staining after the dye was fully diluted in the bathwater.  I even dried off with white towels and saw nothing.  But if you have unsealed grout or very light bleached hair, be cautious.

You Will Need


*1 tablet of egg dye in your chosen color.  Use purple for heightened sense of awareness, or blue to soothe stress and heal frayed nerves.

*1 tablespoon white vinegar. 

*glass jar, bottle or cup


*essential oils of your choice (I used rose and ylang ylang)

*fresh flowers (I used fresh cherry blossoms)


*homemade, natural bath products

Step 1

Gather whatever natural items you feel appropriate for your purpose.

I think taking a nature walk before a ritual makes the most sense!  I like to gather in-season, freely available herbs and flowers.

Right now, in Northern Virginia, cherry blossoms explode from every street corner and sometimes even grow wild.  So I went out to pick some!

Step 2

Dissolve the dye tablets in vinegar or according to instructions.

Try purple (or a combination of blue and red) to for a full moon bath, dark moon bath, or before divination, tarot reading, ect.


Or, try blue for a ritual bath to release stress and absorb a calmer vibe.

Blessed Be.





  1. I LOVE this idea. As an artist, color is significant to me. Are there any other natural methods to do this?

  2. This is a great idea! You could try bath color drops for kids too. They won’t stain anything. I use them for my four year olds bath all the time instead of bubbles. Crayola makes some, and many other companies (got mine on Amazon)

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